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WhatsApp Introduces New Features: Block Spam Directly From The Lock Screen

WhatsApp Introduces New Features: Block Spam Directly From The Lock Screen
Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

Mark Zuckerberg’s company, primarily owned by Meta, has introduced a new feature for its users. This feature enables users to block spam directly from their lock screens. When this option is used, it offers tabs to completely combat unwanted messages without the need to redirect to the app.

Spam messages on WhatsApp have been a concern for the networking application for years. Following the update with the latest features, users can immediately resolve the issue from their respective lock screens. 

Blocking Users Directly From Lock Screen: How Does It Work?

In a convenient process following receiving a spam message notification, users can long-tap a message on the notification for options to be revealed. Several options will appear, including the option to block the sender instantly. Further, WhatsApp also provides the option to report the contact, further ensuring the user’s privacy and safety.

Besides the direct process, users can also redirect themselves to the application and block the respective contact. Through navigating in WhatsApp settings, the user can add and block specific contacts according to their preferences.

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Cross messaging

Furthermore, to ensure more safety for its users, WhatsApp is currently working on alternatives to allow connections on the platform without the need to exchange numbers.

In addition to that, reportedly, the Meta-owned platform is also set to introduce cross-platform message support. With this feature, users from different messaging platforms can also connect with WhatsApp users. This upcoming “Third Party Chats” can facilitate integration while maintaining WhatsApp end-to-end encryption for chats.

Additionally, with its “block users directly from the lock screen,” WhatsApp has taken strict measures to ensure safety on its platform in India.

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