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Top 10 Best Women Safety Apps in India

Top 10 Best Women Safety Apps in India

Women’s safety is currently a severe and significant issue and concern in India. Women are unsafe, and each year, thousands of women face domestic violence, sexual abuse, violence and get raped in India. Rape is considered the fourth most common crime committed in India against women. Not only women, girls, female infants, and children are also being targeted for abuse, rape, and sexual violence in this country.

That is why Women’s safety is given utmost importance nowadays. They have equal freedom to speak and be free of sexual abuse, violence, rape, and discrimination. Because of such inhumane crimes committed against women, the country and government should be responsible for taking crucial actions against such crimes, building a safe environment for women, and promoting women’s empowerment.

Top 10 Indian Women Safety Apps

Keeping in mind Women’s safety, various kinds of apps for women’s safety have been developed and launched that can help all the women in need of safety to send an emergency message and notification to the police, emergency departments, friends, family, and health care centers. A few women safety apps are listed below that you can install on your phone for your own safety. 

1. Smart 24*7

This is a safety app for women that includes features like location, GPRS, tracking system, customer- care, and emergency that can help women in India feel safe while going out and working. It also has a panic or emergency button to call the police station nearby and report any kind of problems and difficulties faced by the women. This app can easily be downloaded from Google Play store and iTunes, and App Store.

2. bSafe

This is considered one of the best women’s security and safety apps in the whole world. This app is used in over 100+ countries and has a million downloads. The feature of this app includes voice alarm activation, video and audio recording of the situation, location tracker, virtual tracking, and a false video call to escape from a severe situation. It is available in Play Store and iTunes.

3. My Safetipin

This is also a women’s safety app that makes alerts and marks the safe places in the cities for women’s safety. It uses high international technology and tools to collect data and information about crowded places in cities. It also allows the users to make the right and safer decisions about their mobility in a crowded area. This app was developed in India and is available on both Play Store and iTunes.

4. Raksha

This women’s safety and security app was developed by and is based in India. It allows the users and all the women to provide emergency alerts to the registered contacts, police calling, ambulance calling feature, and a women’s emergency helpline number. This app was launched by the Bhartiya Janata Party, which takes utmost importance on women’s safety.

5. Shake2safety

This is an advanced technology personal safety and women’s security app launched in 2015. The unique feature included in the shake2safety app is that shaking the phone four or 4 times or pressing the power button four times would send an emergency call and SMS to the police and the emergency contact. It also has a location tracker and GPS tracker and records audio of a difficult and unwanted situation.

6. Himmat

This is a security and safety app for women and is recommended for women living in Delhi. As we all know, Delhi is one of the most unsafe cities for women, and most of the crimes, rapes, and violence caused against women take place in this city. This app allows women facing difficulties and serious situations to call or send emergency SMS to the Delhi police.

7. 112 India App

This is an emergency mobile app that is an initiative taken and launched by the Indian Government to provide emergency help to all its users in need. This app is a part of the ERSS (Emergency Response Support System) that enables the users to send SOS messages, calls, and alerts to the online volunteers nearby, police station, ambulance, and fire force. It also has a panic button that sends audio and video alerts.

8. VithU

This is another women’s safety app and is best for all women. It is easy to use and has various security and safety tools that are used for women’s safety. This app was launched in the year 2013 by STAR India Pvt Ltd. This app can be activated by pressing the phone’s power button twice, sending an emergency alert to the contacts and police. It has a scream alarm feature.

9. Satark India

This app is a personal and women’s safety app that includes immediate GPS tracking while an alert is created. This women’s safety app allows the user to send emergency SOS to the nearest police station and the top registered contacts on the smartphone. It enables the location in the phone and to track the risk-associated places.

10. Abhivyakti

This app was launched on 14th June 2013 by the Chhattisgarh Police to ensure women’s safety and security. The app features an emergency SMS and calling option directly to the nearest police station and the guardians. Audio and video can also be recorded in this app of the current situation. It has over 100k downloads and is available in Play Store and App Store.