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Top 10 Smartwatch Brands In India: Enhance Your Everyday Life

Top 10 Smartwatch Brands In India: Enhance Your Everyday Life
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In this article, you will learn about the top 10 smartwatch brands in India that make stylish and great quality smartwatches to ease your life without accessing your phone for every notification or call. These popular brand options in India are easily available, and they have their own service centres as well.

Gone are the days when wristwatches were worn to know the right time. Nowadays, the demand for smartwatches has grown significantly as it makes everyday tasks easier. Smartwatches can perform multiple tasks and have great features. These wristwatches are also great accessories that are stylish and perfectly complement your everyday outfit. They can make calls, send messages and perform several other tasks for you. We have listed some of India’s leading smartwatch brands to upgrade your personality game.

Here are some of the top picks for you;

10. Boat


Boat is an Indian brand that provides its customers with great quality at an affordable rate. The Boat smartwatch has various features that make one look stylish and classy without hurting their pockets. It costs you around Rs 1,000- Rs 2,000. 

  • CEO: Sameer Mehta
  • Founders: Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta
  • Founded In: 2016
  • Revenue: INR 3,377 crore (FY23)

9. Fire-Boltt

Fire-Bolt logo

Fire-Boltt watches are perfect for everyday use. It is functional and of great quality. Fire-Boltt watches are not at all expensive and are available in various designs, colours and patterns you can choose from. The price of the watch starts at Rs. 999 only.

  • CEO: Arnav Kishore
  • Founder: Arnav Kishore
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Revenue: INR 2,400 crore (FY23)

8. Amazfit

Amazfit Bip Smart Watch

The Amazfit watches are fashionable, available in various colours, and have a good battery life. They are functional and serve their purpose. It helps to keep track of your health, such as heartbeats, sleeping patterns, estimating average daily caloric expenditure, and more. It provides you with accurate results and enables you to simplify your life. The starting price in India is Rs 1,499.

  • CEO: Wang Huang
  • Founder: Zepp Health
  • Founded In: September, 2015
  • Revenue: INR 7 billion (FY23)

7. Honor


Honor is a brand that makes budget-friendly devices for your everyday needs. It offers great performance at an affordable price. Honor watches have a 14-day battery life. They have an AMOLED display. It also has numerous features and 384 KB of RAM. It can cost you around Rs 1,500- Rs 3,000.

  • CEO: Madhav Sheth
  • Founder: Shenzhen Smart City Technology Development Group Co
  • Founded In: 2013
  • Revenue: INR 10,000 Crore (FY2023)

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6. Fastrack

Fastrack Reflex

Fastrack is a well-known brand in India. It is the most trusted and has been in the watch business since 1998. The Fastrack watches are available in a variety of colours and are unisex products. It has a variety of features and is of good quality. It has a basic yet fashionable design. The starting price of their watches is Rs. 1,995.

  • CEO: Naresh Kamalanathan
  • Founder: Titan (parent company)
  • Founded In: 1998
  • Revenue: INR 1,000 Crore (FY2023)

5. Noise


Noise watches have numerous features and great designs for you to choose from. It is a must-have for women as it has a feature that tracks the menstrual cycle of the user. Also, it comes in a variety of colours and can be paired with your outfit for the day. The straps of the watch are made up of silicon and are durable. Noise watches can track all your physical activities, which may include walking, running, climbing, riding and more. It is compatible with iOS as well as Android. Noise includes a sensor that can detect your movements and sleep duration. It can cost you around Rs. 2-3k.

  • CEO: Gaurav Khatri
  • Founders: Amit and Gaurav Khatri
  • Founded In: 2014
  • Revenue: INR 14.26 Billion (FY23)

4. MI


Products from Xiaomi/Mi do not disappoint you, as they provide great quality products at a reasonable price. The products created by them are durable and last a long time. It is one of the leading brands in India, with a great impact on its consumers. Mi watches have a great display and are perfect for those who want to spend money in exchange for better features and high quality.

  • CEO: Lei Jun
  • Founders: Lei Jun, Lin Bin, Li Wanqiang, Wong Jiangji, Zhou Guangping, Liu De, Hong Feng, Wang Chuan
  • Founded In: 2010
  • Revenue: INR 5,000 crore (FY23)

3. Garmin


Garmin is an American, Swiss-domiciled multinational technology company. It was founded by Gary Burrell and MinKao in 1989 in the United States. Garmin is a perfect blend of functionality and good battery life. It has a variety of features that will shock you. Garmin specialises in GPS technology. It is known to be the third-largest manufacturer of smartwatches. Garmin offers a variety of wearables and smartwatches. It can cost you around Rs 20,000- Rs 50,000.

  • CEO: Clifton A. Pemble
  • Founders: Min Kao, Gary Burrell
  • Founded In: 1989
  • Revenue: INR 138.16 Crore (FY23)

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2. Samsung


The Samsung watches are powerful smartwatches that are well-known in India. It marks its place at the top as it provides numerous features. It has enhanced tracking features that can detect more than 90 exercises. One can use it to learn about their body and achieve desired results. Starting Price Rs 4,999.

  • CEO: Han Jong-hee
  • Founder: Lee Byung-Chul
  • Founded In: 1938
  • Revenue: INR 98,924 Crore (FY23)

1. Apple


Apple is an American multinational corporation headquartered in California. It designs a wide range of products that include consumer electronics, software and more. Its watches provide ultimate features and premium designs. It is at the top of the list due to its incomparable features. It can cost you around Rs 44,999.

  • CEO: Tim Cook
  • Founders: Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak
  • Founded In: 1976
  • Revenue: INR 49,321 Crore (FY23)


If you are looking for a smartwatch with advanced Bluetooth calling and more great features, you can consider the above-mentioned brands for your smartwatch according to your budget. Owning a smartwatch will make your life easy and give you stylish looks. Also, the features offered by the watches will help you keep track of your health during your busy schedule. It is your time to wear technology on your wrists and access great services provided by the leading brands in India.

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