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Top 10 Watch Brands In India Number 1 Will Shock You

Top 10 Watch Brands In India Number 1 Will Shock You

This article delves into the top 10 watch Brands in India. These brands that are listed in the article offer a wide variety without compromising the quality and durability of the watch. They have something for everyone and have marked a special place in the Indian market. Read below to learn more about India’s first luxury watch brand.

Watches are not just an instrument to know time; they are more about style, luxury, legacy and more. Time plays a vital role in every aspect of life; it might be about giving exams, meetings, jobs and much more. Mobile phones have replaced a lot of devices and instruments that were once the necessities of life; one of them is a watch. Smartphones have replaced the needs of the watch but couldn’t replace the style and looks a watch provides. It can be a status symbol, a fashion statement, or for formal use. Here we have compiled a list of the top watch brands you must own that are luxury watch brands in India. Some of the premium watch brands in India are as follows. 

10. Daniel Klein

daniel klein watch

Daniel Klein is a global brand that was established in 1973. It has marked its place in more than 50 countries across the world. It offers high-fashion watches at an affordable price. Daniel Klein provides style at a reasonable price. Daniel Klein has a wide range of products for men and women. The starting price of the Daniel Klien watch is Rs 695, which is budget-friendly. It offers analogue, analogue-digital, chronograph and digital watches to its customers

9. Fossil


Fossil is an American lifestyle company known for its classic, simple and antique designs. It offers great quality and beautifully designed watches. It has a wide variety that can go well with traditional, sporty and contemporary looks. Fossil watches provide a unique aesthetic and level of skill. The company was established in 1984 and also makes watches for kids.

8. Rolex


One of the most reputed luxury brands in India is Rolex. It is known for high-end luxury watches. It is one of the best watch brands in India. The company was founded in 1905 and has been owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, a private family trust. The Rolex watches are made with jewels as well. The starting price of this watch is 1.20 lakh. It produces men’s watch luxury collection all over the world.

7. Timex


Timex watches hold a good image in the Indian market. It has marked its place as one of the most popular watches on Amazon India. Timex has a classic style with fine details. It provides several features in the watch that include the display of weekdays and dates in a 24-hour format. It is made with high-quality material, which even assures you of using it for adventurous activities, and is water resistant as well. The starting price of the Timex watch is Rs 600. This brand was established in 1854. Timex produces best-selling men’s watches in India.

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6. Sonata


Sonata is known to be a subset of Titan. It provides its customers with beautiful designs and a wide variety of watches. It is one of the best-selling and most popular watch brands. Sonata was introduced in 1997 and produces watches for men, women and kids. The starting price of this watch is Rs 600. Sonata is known as the best ladies’ watch brand in India.

5. Maxima


When talking about luxury watches, people in India never fail to call out the name of Maxima. It is one of the top watch companies in India. They provide elegant and formal watches for women and men. People also opt for this brand for gifting watches to their loved ones. This brand was established in 1996, and the starting price for its watches is approximately Rs 700. The watches for these brands are available online and not in walk-in stores.

4. Fastrack


Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan; it is a retail brand for fashion accessories that has roots in India. It was separated from Titan in 2005 and established itself as a stand-alone company. Fastrack generally caters to the youth. It grew rapidly in India and is loved by men, women and kids because of its variety and sporty looks. It has also launched smartwatches that are loved by Indians. The starting price of the Fastrack watches is Rs 750.

3. Omega


Omega is one of the oldest brands in India. It is known as the world’s top manufacturer of sports watches. It was first launched in 1848. They promise to provide them with great accuracy. The Indian buyers love and favour it. Omega watches have been featured in several films. The starting price of Omega watches is approximately Rs 7,000. 

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2. Citizen


Citizen watches are one of the best in the Indian market. The company was founded in 1930 by Japanese and Swiss investors. The watches it manufactures are able to recognize speech, and a diving watch has an electronic sensor to determine depth. The starting price of this watch is Rs 1000. It specialises in making formal watches for men, women and kids.

1. Titan


Titan is a renowned Indian brand known for its affordable prices and great quality. They have created a special space for themselves by providing something for everyone. They have watches for every occasion. It has a large number of stores in India. They are the fifth-largest watch producers in the world. Every year, a new collection of watches is introduced catering to men, women and kids. The starting price of the Titan watch is Rs 1000. It is placed on the list of leading watch brands in the world.


The people of India have unique tastes when it comes to watches The brands that offer something for everyone mark their place in the hearts of people in India. From luxury to affordable, these top 10 watch brands have made their place in India with unique designs, durability, quality and more. If you are willing to buy a watch, do consider these brands in India for their amazing features, quality and durability. These include some of the biggest brands in the watch industry.

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