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Top 5 Bolly2Tolly Alternatives For Free Entertainment Online

Top 5 Bolly2Tolly Alternatives For Free Entertainment Online

Over the last few years, streaming movies online have become so difficult that entertainment lovers have to compromise on quality or face instability in their budgets. Many free websites and applications allow people to watch high-quality movies online. One such app was Bolly2Tolly, which allowed users to stream free movies in multiple languages. Read this article to learn more about Bolly2Tolly alternatives in 2024.

What is Bolly2Tolly?

Bolly2Tolly was a platform that allowed users to stream movies in various languages for free. This open-source website was used because of the free and instant content that it hosts. The site’s homepage had a search bar that helped users search for the name and category of movies and TV shows. It also had a subcategory section that mentioned various languages in which the content was available. Not only this, the content was in alphabetical order, making it simpler for you to find the movies. It also provided details regarding the cast, trailer, etc. of a particular title.

Why do we need Bolly2Tolly alternatives?

Since the site was violating copyright laws in various countries, it was forced to shut down. The site landed in legal trouble in many countries and was blocked from access. There are many proxy sites for the same, which do not guarantee instant access, and most of them are banned from use. Using Bolly2Tolly was simple and convenient, as entering the title name or category would result in source links. Some of the best Bolly2Tolly alternatives are listed below.

1. Pikashow

Top 5 Bolly2Tolly Alternatives For Free Entertainment Online

Pikashow is a popular choice for people who want to stream a huge variety of content to choose from. This Android app has become famous in India because of its free streaming and user-friendly interface. The content available on the platform is of high quality and multilingual. It also hosts regional content and provides offline viewing features. Moreover, the customisation feature of Pikashow has made it garner positive user reviews across the country.

Features of Pikashow

  • It is easily accessible to everyone.
  • Users can watch the content offline after downloading.
  • Pikashow is regularly updated.
  • The platform understands that each user has unique preferences, providing a customisation feature.

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2. ThopTV 

Top 5 Bolly2Tolly Alternatives For Free Entertainment Online

ThopTV is one of the best Bolly2Tolly alternatives. It has a wide collection of channels, and its user-friendly interface makes it an amazing free platform for watching content.

Features of ThopTV

  • The app offers access to thousands of channels from across the world.
  • Users can browse the content in various categories.
  • The content on the platform is regularly updated.
  • Lastly, the movies and shows can be watched in any language.

3. Filmyzilla

Top 5 Bolly2Tolly Alternatives For Free Entertainment Online

Filmyzilla is a platform that allows users to watch free movies in many languages. They can browse through content in different languages. Besides, the content is available in various sizes, along with updates on cricket matches. Filmyzilla hosts content from popular OTT platforms like Sony LIV, Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Features of Filmyzilla

  • The website is regularly updated with fresh movies.
  • It offers a huge collection of titles to choose from.
  • Viewers get an idea of the titles before choosing to download them.
  • Lastly, the website offers high-speed downloads.

4. Bolly4u

Top 5 Bolly2Tolly Alternatives For Free Entertainment Online

Bolly4u is one of the best free movie streaming sites. Moreover, users can also download the content from here. Along with that, it has no hectic sign-up or registration process, and anyone can use it for free. However, the website supports several ads, and first-time users might have to struggle a little bit to obtain the download links to the movies.

Features of Bolly4u

  • Bolly4u has an intuitive user interface, simplifying the overall streaming experience.
  • Moreover, the site is free to use. It is one of the reasons why this website is popular.
  • It has an easy download process once you get familiar with it.

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5. Hdmovies4u

Top 5 Bolly2Tolly Alternatives For Free Entertainment Online

Hdmovies4u is the latest website, mainly used for streaming free movies online. Its huge content library includes movies and shows from across the world in multiple languages. Users simply need to enter details in the search bar, and they will find the desired content easily. In addition, there are multiple download links, making the process a whole lot easier.

Features of Hdmovies4u

  • The content on streaming platforms is available in different languages. 
  • Hdmovies4u has a user-friendly interface.
  • The wide availability of titles makes it the best choice for everyone.


To sum it up, various Bolly2Tolly alternatives allow users to stream free content online. However, the legality of these platforms cannot be guaranteed, and they could be violating some copyright laws. Moreover, some websites support malicious pop-up ads, which can be harmful to user’s privacy. It is recommended to use a VPN and an ad blocker tool before accessing any such platform.

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