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Tupaki Reviews: Competitors, Alternatives and More

Tupaki Reviews: Competitors, Alternatives and More

Tupaki is a news website that provides information about entertainment, sports, politics and others. In this article, you will explore the Tupaki review, alternatives, its competitors and more. Is Tupaki safe? Is Tupaki legal? Here’s an answer to all your questions.

Tupaki is an esteemed news website that covers all topics, including the latest news, reviews, and updates related to the world of cinema. Several other alternatives are available which offer better features than Tupaki. If you are a movie enthusiast and would love to be updated, then these alternatives will provide you with the information you need about the world of cinema and more. 

What is A Tupaki?

Tupaki is a popular Indian entertainment and news website that covers a wide variety of topics, including, movies, politics, sports, current affairs and more. Tupaki particularly covers the news from South Indian cinema and especially focuses on Telugu cinema. The website generates content related to reviews of movies, interviews and news related to the entertainment industry.

What Are The Features of Tupaki?

Tupaki offers a wide range of features to its users you can find some of them listed here. The features of Tupaki are as follows

News Coverage

Tupaki provides its readers with the latest news on a variety of topics, such as entertainment, politics and more. It also covers interviews with celebrities.

Movie Review

Apart from providing the latest news, it also reviews the latest movies, curates the audience’s feedback, and delivers it to you. 


It allows readers to communicate with the team in case of problems with the service, incorrect information and more. You can easily contact them for inquiries related to advertisements.


Tupaki uses cookies to enhance user experience and give it a personalised touch. It collects data and information as part of the sign-in process. 

Is Tupaki Free?

Currently, is free to access; it does not require any subscription or platform fee to engage in the content. The news, reviews and interviews are available to access for free.

Is Tupaki legit?

Tuaki is a legal website and does not violate the rules and regulations set by the law. However, it is important to note that the legitimate status can change, so you must ensure that the website complies with the current rules and regulations.

Is Tupaki Safe?

As far as we know, Tupaki is safe to use and does not harm your data or privacy. Also, do not steal your data. It gathers basic information about the user to enhance the user experience.

Tupaki Reviews started in 2011 and still marks its presence on the internet today. Several reviews are available on the internet for the website, and we have curated some of them for you. We will discuss the pros and cons of this website further

Pros Cons
Access to the latest news or information about the Telugu cinema.The are a lot of advertisements that pop up while you scroll down for news or information.
It allows users to read old articles and content.Inaccuracy can be a concern for users. As Tupaki may not provide accurate news on a concerned topic, make sure to fact-check the information.
It can run on multiple devices and software.The site often exaggerates the news to create sensationalism.
It is free and does not charge a subscription fee from the users.There are concerns about the collection of the user’s data and how it is being used.

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Tupaki Alternatives And Competitors

Several concerts are there with Tupaki, as its content lacks accuracy and does not provide the right information to its reader. Here are some of the best Tupaki competitors that can act as an alternative to this website. Some of them are listed below

1. Cinejosh

CINE josh

Cinejosh is one of the largest web portals in Tollywood. It enables its users to access news on a variety of topics, such as political news, Telugu movie reviews, live updates, gossip and more. Cinejosh is one of the best Tupaki competitor.

2. Gulte

Gulte is an authoritative source for breaking news in the entertainment industry. This site usually ranks on the top pages for writing content related to entertainment. It has a wide reach across all digital platforms.

3. Greatandhra

Greatandhra is a California, USA-based web news platform that was established in 2002. It covers information related to films, politics and current affairs specifically dedicated to Andhra Pradesh.

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4. 123telugu

123telugu is a reliable source of information related to Telugu movie news, reviews, photos and political news. This site is a part of Mallemala Entertainment Group, which is headed by producer Sri Shyam Prasad Reddy. 

5. M9news


M9news is a trusted and unbiased website that provides ratings and reviews of Telugu movies. It also writes about upcoming movies, trailers, gossip and much more about the Telugu entertainment industry. This site is a perfect Tupaki alternative.

6. Telugu360

Telugu360 is a Hyderabad-based online newspaper that provides the latest news to its readers. It is well known for being the first to break the news on web media. Telugu360 is also referred to by some of the major publications for Telugu news.  It is one of the most trusted portals that provides unbiased information to the public.


Tupaki offers a wide variety of content to its readers and has been a popular choice, but now the users can feel a bit of inaccuracy in its content and a need to choose different alternatives to this site. We have curated a list of alternatives for you to access great quality content that is unbiased and informative at the same time. If you are wondering, is Tupaki worth it? Then you can find your answers in this article. It includes features, pros & cons, and more about the website. These alternatives are also competitors to Tupaki and can provide better features and accurate information about trending gossip, news, upcoming movies, trailers and more about Telugu cinema. If you are a movie enthusiast, then this is a perfect feast for you.

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