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Venice Film Festival: Why Did Zendaya Opt Out of It?

Venice Film Festival: Why Did Zendaya Opt Out of It?
Credit: Zendaya at Instagram

The news of actress Zendaya’s absence from the prestigious Venice Film event has caused quite a stir on the Internet. According to reports, her decision to skip the event is believed to be connected to the ongoing Hollywood strike. 

The infamous strike, which has included many Hollywood unions, is aimed at achieving better pay, improved working conditions, and more inclusive hiring practices in the film and entertainment industry. 

Initially, the Spider Man’s No Way Home actress was prepared to attend the film festival to promote Luca Guadagnino’s film Challengers. Meanwhile, the forthcoming film was also supposed to be the opening film of the 80th Venice Film Festival.

Nevertheless, Zendaya is one of the biggest supporters of Hollywood and it’s an ongoing strike. Owing to this, she refused to attend the prestigious film festival.

With Zendaya opting out of the festival, the festival started with the opening film being Italian World War II drama film ‘Comandante’. Meanwhile, the film was directed by Italian director Edoardo De Angelis.

Now, Zendaya’s decision not to attend the event is a powerful statement of support for the strike and its goals. Her decision to back out has also sparked controversies about the effect of the ongoing strike on the film industry and the need for greater accountability and transparency in the entertainment business.

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