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Web Footer Designs: Best Practices You Should Know

Web Footer Designs: Best Practices You Should Know

Although the web footer is at the bottom of the page, it is no less critical. It can help you get leads who show intent.

Web footers, when rightly used, help boost engagement. They form a crucial part of web design services. Your visitors want to know more about you. They will scroll down to know more about you if they like something about your content. That means you should learn more about footer designs. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when you design web footers. These principles will help you see the role of web footers in a site.

Be Minimalistic

When it comes to web design, you should be as simple as possible. It is tempting to add more information in the hope of attracting more people. But overstuffing makes the site looks messy and chaotic. 

You also should apply the same to your web footer. Try to focus on just three elements of your footer. It could be a logo design, copyright notice, and CTA. You could draw attention to social media buttons. 

Don’t overuse colours, contrasts, and fonts. It’s good to have stylish fonts and attractive colours. But if you overdo it, your audience will get distracted. Try to get them to click the CTAs. You should note this when you are looking for a digital marketing agency. The best digital marketing agency has a minimalistic approach.

Social Icons

Your audience spends a lot of time on social media. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are the places they hang out. Use social icons in your footer to let them engage with your brand.

You will not use the social icons in the header for a reason. You want them to read your content and not get distracted. If they stay longer on your site, you will get higher rankings. But the story is different when it comes to footers.

People scroll down to the footer when they want additional information. They will be trying to learn more about what you do. If you add social icons, it will help them know more about you. 

Social media is addictive. People spend more time there. You have the opportunity to get more brand engagement on social media. So, you should add social icons in your footer. Get the web design services of an agency to design footers for you.

Values and Mission

These days people want more reasons to buy a product. You could have the best product in the world. But if you don’t have a purpose, you can’t convince them to buy from you. 

Your audience is looking for value in your brand. They want a brand that aligns with their values.

Add information about your values and mission in the footer. They will see the value your brand brings to the broader world.

Brand building is all about communicating your values. Do the same in your footer. People are looking for brands that give priority to what they think is essential.

Make sure to add your brand logo. Your logo, colours, and fonts should be consistent all across the pages. You can consult the best digital marketing agency in your city to help you with that.  

Legal stuff on your site increases the trust factor. It will show you as trustworthy and credible. So, focus on Copyright details, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

  •    Copyright Details

Copyright Notice is indispensable in a web footer. It is the single most essential thing in a footer. 

  •    Privacy Policy 

Privacy Policy tells your visitors about the data you collect. You can collect data from them from form submissions and email signups. Make sure to tell them what data you collect and how you store them. Tell them how you use the information for market research. 

You may collect data about the number of visitors or their demographics. Tell them what information you collect. Also, most countries require site owners to provide this information. You can make use of free tools and easily generate a privacy policy for your website.

  •    Terms and Conditions 

It is the place where you oblige your visitor to agree to your terms. The visitor who uses your site agrees to the terms and conditions. It’s a contract which your visitor agrees to. You should add it to the footer.

Contact Information

Your users are looking for a way to contact you. Adding contact information in your footer will help you convert leads. So, adding contact information is indispensable. You should provide information about phone number, email address, and store address.

  •    Phone Number: You can use a CTA button to make your visitor dial you up directly.
  •    Email address: It will help them get in touch with you personally and professionally.
  •    Address: It will tell you that you are a real business. 

For best results, work with an agency providing website design services. Their experts will help you.

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