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What Are The 5 Best Candle Subscription Boxes 2022?

What Are The 5 Best Candle Subscription Boxes 2022?

Candle flames provide a source of light in the dark, which is romantic. Do not let the world go dark when the greatest candle subscription boxes are available to illuminate your path.

The candles you see in your box are what you can use to beautify your house. They provide light in the event of a power outage or spice up a romantic date.

When evaluating subscription boxes, you should examine the pricing, the amount and kinds of candles you will get, and the number of candles you will receive.

A calming candle is a welcome relief after a hard day. Also, a candle subscription is a handy way to get high-quality candles that you wish to send to your home on a regular basis if you appreciate a variety of aromas.

Each month, a new scented candle (or more) comes with handpicked scents that often correspond to the current season. They also make excellent housewarming and holiday gifts. In addition, a number of candle firms are incorporating environmentally friendly procedures, from the materials they use to the packaging. Here are the top candle subscriptions, as determined by an extensive study.


American artisans produce natural, hand-poured candles in each shipment of the VellaBox subscription service. It is not just a matter of smell that determines whether you should subscribe to Vellabox. Vellabox is a subscription box that is unlike any other. In addition, an extra present is what you may add to each package.

Vellabox offers prepaid subscriptions for three, six, and twelve months. For around $10 each month, members may subscribe to the Lucerna tier and get one four-ounce candle along with a bonus gift. The Ignis tier costs around $20 each month and includes an eight-ounce candle and a bonus gift. It will cost you around $30 each month; the Vivere tier includes delivery and provides subscribers with a four-ounce and an eight-ounce candle, each with a unique aroma, in addition to the free bonus item. Previously, Vellabox cooperated with many companies.

This implies that all candles are non-toxic, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and vegan since the firm deliberately finds clean-burning candles created with natural chemicals.


Wickbox, a company founded by women, offers a monthly subscription box with a single premium candle. Each monthly subscription is packaged in a pink, a lightly branded box that contains the candle, an instruction card, and a dust bag to safeguard the contents. In addition, boxes often include additional treats like face masks, hand cream, and lip gloss for further indulgence.

Prior to receiving their first box, members are required to complete a perfume choice form.

In addition, Wickbox allows customers to reveal their all-time favorite smell for further customization. Included in the featured fragrances are Eucalyptus Santal and Bleu Willow.

Medium and big subscriptions are available from the firm. The medium membership contains one candle every month that typically burns for 30 to 60 hours. Medium boxes begin at around $32.95 per month for a 12-month prepaid subscription, and the price increases somewhat as the membership period reduce.

The 12-month prepaid big membership costs around $42.95 per month and includes one candle with a burn period between 60 and 100 hours; as with the medium box, the shorter the subscription period, the higher the price. Shipping costs are additional and determined after checkout.


This tiny Brooklyn-based candle studio provides a subscription box that delivers the brand’s items to the customer’s home.

Subscribers have the option of receiving the same scent every month from the brand’s catalog or a seasonal candle. Alternatively, you can opt for a seasonal candle.

Candle subscriptions include a limited-edition piece of artwork and an information card describing the seasonal scent. Additionally, a seasonal-scented tea light is what you will get.

Hand-poured from coconut wax, these candles are a modern, simple, and elegant way to light up your home. This is among the greenest, cleanest, and slowest-burning types of firewood available today. The candle containers are also intended for reuse as whiskey tumblers. Keap adheres to 100 percent plastic-free packaging and accepts candle containers for reuse. But if you need the best packaging, try great candle packaging ideas by Elite Custom Boxes.

Anecdote Candles

When you sign up for the email list to be notified of new candles and promotions, you will also receive a coupon code for 15% off your purchase.

Throughout the year, a number of sales with roughly 25 percent off are what you may enjoy.

On the website, you’ll find candles that have been carefully selected and blended with the newest scents that are enjoyed by people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Cotton wicks are what you can use in the majority of soy candles; they are available from coconut soy wax, resulting in an even burn that releases a fresh scent with each use.

Depending on the number of candles, a typical basket of artisan candles costs approximately $52.

Yankee Candle

This is the company to shop from if you enjoy a variety of scents, as there are scents for each season, and you can see many new scents each year.

There are a variety of aromas, including those of romantic flowers and ocean waves, as well as baked goods.

There are holiday-specific scents with a 15 percent discount if you sign up with your email address, as well as Black Friday-specific discounts.