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Whatsapp Upgrade Alert: Polls, Voice Updates, and Enhance Admin Potential in the Apps Channels

Whatsapp Upgrade Alert: Polls, Voice Updates, and Enhance Admin Potential in the Apps Channels

The CEO and Founder of Meta (Initially, Facebook), has come up with a range of impressive features for Whatsapp channels. While the updated features include a range of activities like polls, voice updates, the ability to share updates and status, and the addition of multiple admins.

Voice Updates and Polls

Amid the several updates, is the introduction of a voice feature through which admins will be able to share changes via voice messages. According to the survey, around seven billion messages are sent daily through WhatsApp and now this update has extended to WhatsApp channels. In addition, admins can now opt for customised polls that will help them in better interaction with their community members.

Increased Admin Capabilities

Along with voice update and poll features, WhatsApp will now allow up to 16 admins to manage a channel. Hence, with increased functionality to the administration of channels, an admin can facilitate better coordination and ensure users stay informed with the latest updates.

Diverse Range of Channels

WhatsApp has already introduced an array of informative channels, with thousands of channels for WhatsApp users to follow. From witty channels to celebrity channels like Ram Charan and Katrina Kaif, Whatsapp has been a platform for several forms of entertainment.

Private Updates in the Main App

Besides the above-mentioned updates, WhatsApp has brought private updates that are separate from private chats, which provides a streamlined way for users to stay connected with the latest information right within the main WhatsApp platform.

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While Mark Zuckerberg went on to say that its WhatsApp channels have surpassed 500 monthly active users; hence, that means users have an option of 100 channels to follow. With WhatsApp channels, a user can receive beneficial updates from people and organisations, right within its interface and separate from your private chats.

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