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YouTube Music and Premium Subscribers Hit The 100 Million Mark

YouTube Music and Premium Subscribers Hit The 100 Million Mark
Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

YouTube announced that its premium music and video streaming service has reached 100 million subscribers globally. It is seen as a major milestone, as just three years ago, in 2021, YouTube reported 50 million subscribers for the same. The YouTube blog stated, Today, we’re delighted and humbled to share that YouTube Music and Premium has crossed 100M subscribers, including trials.” Coming from Adam Smith, the vice president of product management at YouTube, the blog was titled “Crossing 100 million YouTube Music and Premium subscribers, thanks to you.” It added, “From small beginnings to a community of 100M across more than 100 countries, we’re grateful to our subscribers for their support!”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai also acknowledged the immense success of YouTube. He wrote on X:

YouTube Premium offers an ad-free streaming experience on YouTube, along with features such as background play on mobile and offline downloads. Initially launched in 2018, this premium service has continuously enhanced itself to provide subscribers with a better viewing experience.

T-Series president Neeraj Kalyan acknowledged this milestone as a huge moment for the music industry too. Notably, T-Series is the biggest record label in India. Kalyan stated, “We will continue investing in our strong partnership with Google that will help grow the subscription business, enhance fan experiences and contribute to the overall growth of the Indian music ecosystem.”

According to The Verge, YouTube’s primary source of revenue generation is still advertising, not subscriptions. However, it is still a huge number and will definitely impact the revenue stream of the company. Moreover, this milestone of 100 million premium subscribers puts YouTube on the list of platforms with the highest subscribers. However, it is still behind market leader Spotify, which reported 226 million premium subscribers in the third quarter of 2023.

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