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4 Best Apps To Buy Groceries in Pakistan

4 Best Apps To Buy Groceries in Pakistan

A home without groceries is like a body without blood. You can’t live without groceries because they are necessary for your home and living. Buying groceries is an everyday routine. Some people buy groceries in bulk, while others buy daily. Everyone has a different perspective, but after the COVID Pandemic, people who were used to purchasing groceries from shops preferred buying stuff online.

People got themselves addicted to this thing, and the pandemic is minimized, but people are now addicted to ordering groceries online. Every country suffered from this COVID Pandemic, and Pakistan was one of them. Pakistan’s Prime Minister was Imran Khan, who introduced an intelligent lockdown policy, but still, people preferred ordering groceries online.

Now you can order groceries through your Laptop, PC, and Smartphone. On a Laptop or PC, you visit different websites operational in Pakistan. Your order gets delivered after a while. It depends on the platform where you order groceries. Some companies have warehouses in your city, and some don’t. It’s your luck which company has the warehouse in your city, but we suggest ordering groceries from the companies whose warehouses are within your town. That was our suggestion and now let’s come to our topic.

This article will state the 4 Best Apps To Buy Groceries in Pakistan. We’ll not list the websites, but we’d list the favorite apps used to buy groceries in Pakistan. The reason is simple. Smartphones are in everyone’s pocket, and ordering your desired thing is easy through Smartphones. That’s why we’d list the 4 Best Apps To Buy Groceries in Pakistan. So without further ado, let us reveal the apps you can use to order groceries while sitting in your home.

4 Best Apps To Buy Groceries in Pakistan

So here is the list of the 4 Best Apps To Buy Groceries in Pakistan. We’ll also mention the cities where these apps are operational. Noting the city name is necessary because your order gets delivered if you live in that city. So here are the representations of the apps you can use to buy groceries online:

  1. Daraz Online Shopping
  2. Metro Online
  3. Grocer App
  4. Foodpanda Panda Mart

These 4 apps stand best in the crowd. We can list more apps, but it’s useless because they aren’t operational in different cities. The apps we listed are functional in almost every corner of Pakistan. You can fearlessly order your groceries through your Smartphone on these apps. Now, we’ll discuss the PROS and CONS of using these apps. So let’s start our review.

Daraz Online Shopping

There were no online stores when Daraz came into the market. Daraz is an ancient store in Pakistan having endless products of different formats. I want to reveal the first reason I mentioned Daraz in the 1st spot. The first feature this Daraz app carries is its operation in other cities. Daraz is a national app for Pakistani people because it is operational in major big cities of Pakistan. So we can say that Daraz has covered endless areas of Pakistan.

People from Pakistan use Daraz to order groceries because the delivery time is fast and the quality is outstanding. Daraz serves almost every province of Pakistan, and its products are also good. Now there is one thing you need to remember while ordering groceries from Daraz. This Daraz app has allowed every user to create an account and sell his stuff. Many local sellers are involved in Daraz selling their products. Some local sellers are good, while some aren’t. So you have to be very careful before ordering groceries from Daraz.

Before ordering anything, you need to check the supplier’s rating. If you are ordering things directly from the brands, it’s good because brands care about their reputation. Big brands don’t want their reputation marked negatively. If you decide to order milk from Daraz, search for a big brand providing milk through Daraz App. If the brand’s reputation is good, you can call it and take delivery in your home. But if no brand hasn’t listed its milk on Daraz, look for local sellers.

Before placing your order with these local sellers, check their reputation to save time and money. If that local seller has attracted positive reviews on his product, then you should trust that seller and order your desired item. That’s how you can use Daraz to save time and money. Collecting a thing that is bad in quality can be returned, but it takes time and effort, which is not good. Therefore, it would be best if you took precautions before ordering anything. And we have mentioned the protection you need to take when ordering anything from Daraz.

Metro Online

Metro Online is the 2nd app on our list considered best for buying groceries in Pakistan online. Metro Online also has an official website. So if you are a Laptop user, you can order stuff from Metro Online. For Smartphones, Metro Online has offered an app having an eye-catching and user-friendly interface. However, this website only lists grocery items. On Daraz, you can also buy other things like Smartphones, Laptops, PCs, Handbags, Backpacks, and other necessary stuff. Still, Metro Online only sticks to grocery items which are good because you can see a list of endless groceries you can buy for yourself.

When you only see groceries, you remember the item while looking. So that’s good for people who are blunderheads. Metro Online not only serves the blunderheads, but its groceries are also outstanding. Metro Online doesn’t allow any local seller to list its groceries, but it has its products listed on its website and android app. This app doesn’t compromise on quality. It delivers the product it has listed.

Most websites and apps have photographed things well, but when they get delivered to your home, they don’t show the look you expected, but Metro Online delivers the thing the way it is listed. You’ll bring the same thing with high-quality packing. Also, Metro Online offers discounts on special occasions like New Year, Eid, and Ramadan Sharif. People thinking of buying groceries in bulk should keep their eyes open on these occasions because Metro Online offers enormous discounts.

Metro Online services its clients in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Faisalabad. If you want to download this app, visit ATOZ APK because this website has also provided a guideline on using it. Using any app is easy, but if you are not experienced, you should learn to use apps for ordering groceries online.

Grocer App

The 3rd app is Grocer, which is fitting for ordering grocery-related stuff through mobiles. It has a user-friendly interface with eye-catching grocery listings. Placing orders on this app and its payment gateways is easy. Grocer App has almost listed every convenient payment gateway for Pakistanis. Plus, its products are outstanding. The areas where this Grocer App serves are Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Foodpanda Panda Mart

Foodpanda Panda Mart is the last app on our list, providing its services in Karachi, Islamabad, Abbottabad, and Lahore. You can order groceries whenever you want to. The cities I listed are the major cities in Pakistan, and Panda Mart delivers the items quickly. Foodpanda is an old brand that needs no introduction because people internationally recognize it. So if you live within the cities we mentioned, you can order whatever you want.

Final Words

So these were the 4 Best Apps To Buy Groceries in Pakistan. First, it’s necessary to read the areas where these apps work. Otherwise, your order can take days to get delivered. If you have questions about these apps, quickly comment in our website’s comments section to get answers. Until then, take care and happy eating!