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Unforgettable Love: Why Should You Watch it? 

Unforgettable Love

Nothing can be better than a combination of novels and webtoons. The best thing about adaptations is that it is loved by both binge readers as well as binge watchers. The idea of converting one art form to another is the coolest thing to do since people, in general, relate to such ideas more than the regular ones. Hence, the reach is wider and better. Several adaptations have been made to date. To add to this, released Unforgettable Love in 2021 which is based on a novel written by Qin Ye named Mr. He’s Love is not Forgotten. The dramacool Unforgettable Love has appealed greatly to the audience. 

The first episode of this popular Chinese web series aired back in July 2021 and it worked like magic among the audience. The iQIYI-produced web series had successfully fulfilled its goal of winning the hearts of the targeted audience since Unforgettable Love episode 1. A web drama with an extremely low cost of production can even win hearts. Unforgettable Love has made this statement turn into reality since people have loved it ever since it has been released. This is probably a little more since people who have read the novel can easily relate to the on-screen drama. If you wish to read the novel, then you can get hold of it online. 

Unforgettable Love: The Overview 

Unforgettable Love is a Chinese romantic television series. The Unforgettable Love cast includes Hu Yixuan, Wei Zheming, Yu Yijie, Sheng Huizi, Wu Chongxuan, Sun Sicheng, and Shi Qingyan. The story of the web series is based on a novel written by Qin Ye named Mr. He’s Love is not Forgotten. The Unforgettable Love dramacool first season was released in 2021 and consisted of 24 episodes. The main plot of the drama revolves around the CEO of Heshi Group He Qiao Yan and a child psychologist named Qin Yi Yue. The main plot of the story is about an indifferent and rational man on one end. A meticulous, optimistic, soft, and considerate psychologist on the other end.

The story tells about these two extreme people and their journey of love and relationship. The acquaintance of love forms the base for a relationship to develop between these two opposite characters. The chemistry between these two people and the conversations that take place makes the series Unforgettable Love Chinese drama, and worth a watch. 

Unforgettable Love

Unforgettable Love: Why Should You Watch it? 

The romantic Chinese drama adaptation has a total of 24 episodes, each of which is approximately 30 minutes. All the Unforgettable Love total episodes have been super loved and adored by everyone who has watched it. People who have not watched the series yet, here are some reasons why you must watch it: 

  1. Gemes: The child character He Wei Fei is the best thing to watch out for in the entire series. He has made the series even more interesting. The search for a soul mate teamed up with the search for a mother for He Wei Fei is the best thing about the series and is different from general romantic series. 
  2. Amazing Chemistry: The chemistry between the two main characters is the sweetest thing that you will get to see in the series. The search for a partner for the father-son duo is just so different from the other regular dramas. 
  3. Fairytale Story: The story of two opposite characters trapped in a contract marriage together. Eventually falling in love with each other is something that we have heard only in fairytales. However, you will get to see it on screen in this Chinese romantic web series. 
  4. Parenting Skills: If you want to learn parenting skills then watching the series would be of real help to you. It shows all the minor details that parenting needs which we often skip or forget to emphasize. 

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Will there be an Unforgettable Love Season 2? 

The Chinese romantic web series, Unforgettable Love has been quite popular ever since its release. The audience simply loved the cast of Unforgettable Love, especially the kid who had won hearts. The romance and the chemistry between the two lead characters are undeniably great to watch, but the little one steals the entire show. You can spend your entire time seeing him. However, talking of Unforgettable Love Season 2, then we are not sure of any specific release date. 

Season 1 ended by showing Qin Yi Yue going back to China right after finishing off with the research. The last episode shows Qin Yi Yue and He Qiao Yan getting reunited. They plan to start a new journey together or rather a new life together with He Wei Fei. However, although we do not know if there will be a season 2. We can assume that you will get to see Qin Yi Yue and Qiao Yan showing their life along with their parental skills. You will love all the episodes as much as you loved Unforgettable Love episodes for season 1. It would be worth a watch, especially for people who have already watched the first season.