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How To Apply For MIT Sloan Fellows Application

How To Apply For MIT Sloan Fellows Application

The university’s goal is to discover talented, inquiring, analytical, and enthusiastic people. If you want to study with a diverse and unusual group of people, nothing beats the MIT Sloan Fellows. This is the primary reason why applications from all over the world with remarkable qualities and dedicated people are chosen. This is the right content for you if you are thinking of applying for the MIT Sloan Fellows Application.


The IMT admissions committee will thoroughly analyze your application before making a judgment on the dates listed below. We are now announcing decisions through the online application from a confidential standpoint:

  • Round one – deadline Oct 3, 2022, and the date released Dec 13, 2022
  • Round two – Deadline Jan 11, 2023, and the Date Released Feb 16, 2022
  • Round three – Deadline Feb 15, 2023, and the Date Released Mar 23, 2023

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The Entry for 2023 Application:

The MIT Sloan program is a 12-month program meant to help MBA students strengthen their leadership skills. They provide several scenarios to students through one-on-one practical sessions for enhanced learning and understanding. You must send a cover letter outlining why you want to be an MIT Sloan Fellow for the MBA program.


To monitor your academic and career journey, you must now provide a CV of no more than two pages. Make certain that you are concentrating on the task outcome rather than the job title.

The resume page should be two pages long and use Times New Roman font. Keep in mind the font size, which is 10. The resume must be in either Word or PDF format.

Cover education, scholarships, and professional organizations. Fill in the blanks with the firm name, title, abilities, and work dates for each industry’s job experience. We urge that you participate in extracurricular activities that will benefit your career.


You must create a one-minute video introducing yourself. It is an opportunity provided by the institution for you to make a distinct impression by enhancing your personality and appearance. Do not attempt to alter the video or add any subtitles or background music.

You should also prepare a letter of recommendation, additional references, an organisational chart, a transcript, test scores, relevant courses and professional credentials, and optional short answer questions to give to the application reader. All of these items will add value to your application and boost its chances of being accepted.


If you want to apply to MIT Sloan, you must complete the application form correctly, but first you must complete a step. Before submitting the application, you must pay a non-refundable fee of $250 online. Aside from that, your price will be waived if you are actively teaching for active duty US military personnel or veterans. To acquire more information, go to the official website and read all of the facts about the application and the fees.

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