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5 Best Child Android Mobile Tracking Apps

5 Best Child android mobile Tracking Apps

The risk of these harmful activities increases day by day and needs to be controlled. For this, you should get access to the best tracking software and overcome the dangerous sides of the digital world. For parents, it is more important to keep an eye on kids and save them from harmful effects. As we all know, there are many mobile spy software developed. 

Let us discuss the top best mobile tracking helpful software for all of us. It is beneficial for parents that help you in your kid’s safety. So, you have to choose one of the best mobile monitoring apps after getting complete information. 

What is the purpose of the child tracker app?

The child tracker app is a great technology that identifies your kid’s live location and helps you identify their present position. Suppose if your child is not telling the truth about their current status so; you can monitor their device and find out their place. 

There is a list of the best cell phone spy apps that enable you to track digital devices. 

Five best mobile tracker app

  1. TheOneSpy
  2. OgyMogy
  3. SecureKin – Parental Control App
  4. Mspy
  5. Kaspersky SafeKid

TheOneSpy app 

TheOneSpy is known as the world’s best cell phone spy app. It is available for monitoring digital devices and finding all their activities. TOS allows you to track your child’s digital and identify their current position. With the help of this mobile tracker app, you can select android phones. TheOneSpy allows you to save your child from any hazardous effects of the digital world. 


You can find GPS Location 

Know the real-time location of your child

You can restrict the unwanted areas for your kids

Secretly spy the android phones live activities by getting access


TheOneSpy enables you to track android phones by following the installation steps.

OgyMogy spy app

OgyMogy is also an excellent mobile tracker app that lets you spy on digital devices secretly. It helps you in finding smartphones and tracking their digital devices. You can find everything and protect your child from harmful effects. This parental control software is designed for remote monitoring. Parents install it for the safety of their kids or keep an eye on it. 


OgyMogy is compatible with android or iOs phones.


It makes sure to keep an eye 24/7 on the targeted one. 

Keep protected from the forbidden areas

Locate their live location 

Securekin app 

This monitoring and tracking software is popular as a parental control app. it makes sure to all parents toward their kid’s safety. This app provides complete information to my kids and finds everything regarding their child. It enables you to search for your child’s live position. With this software, you can save your child from the dangerous side of the media. Parental apps for kid’s safety are the best choice in recent times. 


This app is compatible with iOs & android phones. 


Once install it, you can track the live location 

It empowers you to find targeted device position by notification 

You can mark a few dangerous areas on the kid’s map

Mspy app

Mspy monitoring app is designed for location protection. It is available for all concerned parents who want to protect their kids. This app is used for android and iOs devices and makes sure you track the devices. Mspy is the safest mobile tracker app as compared to others. With this, you can locate your targeted device from anywhere. It also shares the phone’s live location and tab on it. 

Kaspersky SafeKid

Kaspersky is a mobile monitoring application that is designed for kids’ safety. It enables you to track your child’s phone and know where they are moving in real-time. It works on android or iOs phones and finds almost every movement. This app is free of cost. 


Keeping an eye on kids’ activities is the demand of the high-tech technology era. There is a lot of monitoring software available for tracking digital devices.  But we discuss the most useful apps that are helpful for you. 

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