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5 Reasons to Retire in New Jersey

5 Reasons to Retire in New Jersey

New Jersey is also known as the Garden State. It is filled with vibrance, greenery, and stunning beaches. Right next door to New York, it has a lot to offer for those searching for their perfect retirement location. While other states may also bring things to the table, New Jersey is one of the most popular choices for seniors to settle down for those golden years. So, why is this? Read on for the answers and five reasons to consider retiring in NJ. 

Why the Garden State?

New Jersey is called the garden state because of a speech made in the late 1800s, which used the term loosely. There was a much higher, clearer focus on farming back then, and New Jersey was well known for its amazing food products. This has not changed much in recent years, but it is not specifically known for its farmers, the name just stuck after all this time. 

The Living Facilities

The accommodation options are attractive, and the housing market economy wise is in better shape than across some of the other states. There are plenty of affordable rental places, properties to purchase, and retirement specific complexes on offer. Seniors can take advantage of retirement communities like the Monarch Communities facilities shown here, an established place with plenty on offer.  

Amazing Healthcare

New Jersey looks after its elderly residents with a range of programs run through healthcare initiatives. There are hearing aid programs, flu jab sessions, special Medicaid sections, and more to benefit from. The medical staff seems to be well reviewed generally and of a high standard when it comes to their qualifications and experience. The hospitals are not overrun, and the life expectancy rates are fairly high too. 

Great Seasonal Weather

Each season has a distinct and reliable weather pattern, and this is great if you enjoy variation. In the cold season, expect snow and cold spells from time to time. In the summer, the sun does shine down on its residents and creates a warm glow. 

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The Breathtaking Nature

There are 50 state parks in New Jersey, a relatively small state compared to others. The beauty spots are almost countless, and there is always something new to discover when you tread off the beaten path. People of all ages benefit from being outdoors, but seniors, in particular, gain many advantages from time spent with nature. 

Low Crime 

The low crime rates in this state are a bonus for senior residents, who are more vulnerable to muggings and home invasions. The police force is well funded and has a highly active role within local communities. Potential residents will be pleased to know there is no appallingly high rate of crime to contend with if they choose to retire here, and according to these statistics, it just keeps on dropping. 

So, retiring in New Jersey presents a scope of opportunity. There is a real sense of community pride in the smaller towns that translates well into the bigger cities too. Whether you purchase your own independent haven or become a part of a community, you will be welcomed with open arms.