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Announcing the Next Wave of AI Innovated Update With Google: Check Features

Announcing the Next Wave of AI Innovated Update With Google: Check Features

Recently, the search engine, Google has come up with a new update for the Chrome browser that introduces sophisticated AI and machine learning to make things easier.

Personalised Browsing with Chrome M121

The newly introduced Google Chrome update, suitably named version M121, includes new features to customise and streamline web browsing.

Only introduced in the United States, the features are rolled out on MACs and PCs and can be accessed by signing into Chrome, going to settings, and navigating to the Experimental AI page.

The search engine, Google, went on to state that these are the former tests of AI features and that they will be rolled off from business and school accounts in the early stage.

Smart Tab Management

The primary feature that came with the update is the Tab Organizer tool. This rolled-out feature will lessen the need to manually group related browser tabs.

To try this feature, you have to right-click on the particular tab and choose “organise similar tabs” or click the “drop-down arrow.”

Subsequently, Chrome will start suggesting similar tabs. Additionally, it proposes names and emojis that can make them easier to find.

Custom Browser Themes With AI

Another feature is to customise personalised themes in Chrome. Built on Google’s prior introduction of AI-generated wallpapers for Android and Pixel devices, you can customise Chrome by choosing the subject, matter, mood, visual, style, and colour palette options. After you prefer the selections, AI will suggest a theme based on it.

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Enhanced Writing Assistance

A helpful update, Google is testing on rolling out an innovative AI-powered feature that will help people in writing.

Claiming that it will be Chrome’s next update, the Enhanced Writing Assistance feature in Chrome will activate by right-clicking in a text field or a box of any website. After selection, the AI will give correction suggestions to improve what you are writing to compose whether a restaurant review, RSVP, or formal message like a rental inquiry. Hence, with the assistance of AI, you can boost the quality of your content.


And with such updates, Google continues to upgrade the quality of the search engine. Meanwhile, the collaboration of Google with AI is expected to bring more exciting updates in the near future.

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