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WhatsApp Testing New Feature Similar to Android’s “Share Nearby”

WhatsApp Testing New Feature Similar to Android’s “Share Nearby”
Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

Meta-owned instant messaging and voice-over-IP-service, are testing a new feature “Share Nearby” which is similar to Android. With these features, the enabled users will be able to share files with nearby people.

According to a recent report by a media source, the upcoming file-sharing feature is currently available to those on WhatsApp Beta for Android Meanwhile, users are required to open a section to be able to receive files.

Along with it, users are required to shake their devices to generate and share requests; however, the users will be able to send users who are in the contact list.

Even though it is a replica of a feature that Android has had for years now, this can be helpful with enhanced encryption combined with the fact that it will be hidden for those who are not in your contact list ensuring personalised safety. Hence, this will also make it easy for people who want to share photos and videos with someone in public places.

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Moreover, the same report suggests that the feature is still under development; however, it is still unclear when it will be available for users to access. Not much is known about the upcoming feature answer and will find out more as the time passes by. With this feature enabled, it is possible that the platform might increase the limit. However, nothing is confirmed by the WhatsApp developers as of now.

Moreover, the Meta-owned app, WhatsApp recently came up with a bunch of new features. Meanwhile, with the newly introduced features, WhatsApp channels with the overall user experience lets admins send voice messages and create polls in the channel. In addition to it, WhatsApp has also increased the amount of admin that can access the channel.

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