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I Hate Computer Science: Why Some Students Struggle With Coding?

“I Hate Computer Science”: Why Some Students Struggle With Coding?
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In school, with the heavy load, you will be in the middle of something, a maths sum or a science lesson and trying your best to cope with it; however, with all your efforts, you will conclude that you feel like you are underwater. Among the most hated subjects is Computer science. While solving several codes, you might feel like giving up and think “I don’t think I care about this—in fact, I think I hate computer science.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to education, studying every subject becomes an integral part of life. Hence, if you are also having thoughts like “I hate CS” we have come up with a list of computer science alternatives that you might want to consider before making a decision,

Why is Computer Science So Hard?

Most students, whether they are in school or pursuing formal education, start hating Computer Science owing to its very complicated programming languages. While there are several reasons why individuals often tend to pursue computer science, some of them are,

1. Massive Workload

The procedure of studying computer science includes tons of workload. Many students who have opted for Computer Science in school or undergraduate courses tend to enjoy leisure activities because they are assignments to finish or code to write.

While all the software companies prefer computer science graduates because these professionals are the best they do. However, very less are aware of the amount of hard work computer science graduates undergo. 

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2. Irrelevant Subjects

In school, students who are more inclined to study Literature, Science, and so on, find Computer Science subjects irrelevant. As they already realised how these subjects are far moved from their real life, they started considering “Computer Science” as a useless subject, especially coding.

3. Isolation

Coding is an integral part of Computer science and requires a lot of private space for concentration. However, people who practise coding are more likely to be left out and slip into mental health issues like isolation and depression. Not only this but developers get so absorbed in their work that they often avoid essential things like eating and sleeping.

4. Testing and Debugging

Often, finding a bug which is a very important part of coding is annoying a time-consuming practice. Many computer science professionals tend to leave every important work to find that bug.

5. Coding

As a survey suggests, many individuals hate computer science owing to its “Complex Codes.” Hence, coding can be the major reason why many students often say “I Hate This Computer.”

As a result, if you are not much into computers, you should not be opting for this subject because coding is a complex process. Meanwhile, if coding is not done well, your particular device or organisation can face many errors.

“I Hate Computer Science”: Why Some Students Struggle With Coding?
Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

What Are the Alternatives to Computer Science?

Sometimes you give too much time to a subject; however, end up failing in it or not getting a favourable result. However, there is nothing to worry about. As everyone has their unique speciality, you should be open to exploring to achieve your strength.

As explained earlier, if you are not doing well in computers, you can go for computer science alternatives. Take a look at the list below to learn about them,

Information Technology Management

If you can’t focus on complex coding which is an essential part of Computer Science if you are pursuing formal education, you can opt for Information Technology. Meanwhile, with a degree like a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, you can choose from an array of careers like a computer support specialist, a network systems administrator, or a field service technician, among others. Meanwhile, with Information Technology, you get benefits like light coding and computer science skills aren’t the focus.

Cyber Security

Another pivotal point is cyber security. With a learning curve of its own, its focus shifts to subjects like network configuration, exploits detection and documentation, cryptography and building systems’ resiliency.

Data Analytics

If you are not an avid programmer; however, can work for the basics of them, try opting for Data Analytics. Along with a mixture of light programming, mathematical reasoning, tech-centric tools and systems, data analytics serves as the best fit for Computer Science alternatives.

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In the current era, knowing the basics of Computers is necessary as digitalisation is taking over the generation. However, knowing Computers and learning Computer Science Languages serve very different significance. 

So if you are a Computer Science student; however, always get thoughts like “Why is Computer Sci so hard” you might opt for a career counsellor who can assist you in opting for the right stream. Besides, if you have already decided to quit Computer Science and are searching for an alternative, you can get assistance from the above-mentioned guide that will help you.

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