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Barber Murdered Two Boys With Axe In UP’s Badaun, Killed In Encounter

Barber Murdered Two Boys With Axe In UP’s Badaun, Killed In Encounter

Sajid, a local barber, murdered two boys and critically injured a third in an axe attack on Tuesday evening in Baba Colony in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun. He was gunned down in a police encounter hours later. 

Sajid entered a house and attacked three brothers named Ayush (12), Ahaan (8), and Yuvraj (10) with an axe. Ayush and Ahaan died in the attack, while Yuvraj was rushed to a hospital with injuries.

Yuvraj, an eyewitness to the incident, asserted that two people entered the house and took his brothers to the terrace. Yuvraj was also attacked, but he pushed them and ran away.

Sajid, 22, was shot and killed in an encounter a few hours later, Inspector General of Bareilly Range RK Singh informed PTI.

After killing the boys, Sajid fled from the house and was discovered by police wearing the same blood-stained clothes, PTI stated.

SSP Badaun Alok Priyadarshi said the deceased’s family has also named the accused’s brother, who is on the run.

The accused, Sajid, entered the house yesterday at around 7:30 pm and went to the terrace where the children were playing. He attacked the two children and murdered them. He then came down where the crowd tried to hold him back, but he escaped. Police teams swung into action when they got to know that the accused had escaped. The accused fired at the police and was killed in retaliatory fire. The murder weapon and the revolver have been recovered. In the FIR, the family of the deceased children has also named the brother, Javed, of the accused. Teams are working to find him, and he will be arrested soon. According to the family, the accused had demanded ₹5,000 from the father of the deceased children,

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