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Best Game Deals: Must-Play Minecraft is on Sale Ahead of Republic Day

Best Game Deals: Must Play Minecraft is on Sale Ahead of Republic Day

If you are an enthusiast of Minecraft on your Android or iOS device, this could be a perfect offer for you as it has been discounted to just Rs29 from its usual price of INR 690. Hence, that means a saving of INR 661 from both the Apple Store and Google Play.

With the offer, Minecraft has certainly given a surprising deal for their avid fans who have been eagerly anticipating playing the best-selling video game of all time right on their mobile devices.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time Minecraft has surprised its audience with such great discounts; initially, the game has been coming up with such great discounts. However, this deal of grabbing Minecraft for only Rs 29 is a worthy offer for its enthusiasts. Moreover, with this offer, Minecraft, which can entertain players for hours, can now gain some young players who couldn’t afford the game at the initial price.

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For those unversed, the game, Minecraft, is a sandbox-style playing feature, that brings you interesting and endless possibilities- that might be crafting or building awe-inspiring in-game structures. With this, you only have two modes of play, Creative and Survival; both with different experiences. In addition to it, it involves multiple challenges and survival experiences that include no ability to fly and no unlimited resources; that means, you have to build your way. 

With such amazing features, grabbing a much-sought game in INR 29 can be a steal deal. Additionally, the mobile version is also compatible with PCs; as a result, you will not be missing out on anything. A gaming expert mentioned his gaming experience and said, “We downloaded the game on our iPhone 15 Pro, connected the same to a monitor using its USB-C port, and also connected a DualSense wireless controller for a console-like experience.”

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