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6 Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

6 Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

Snapdrop, mainly prominent among ioS users, may have global recognition, but it isn’t the best file-transferring application with free features. Any user who is looking for a safe file-transfer application undergoes several enhanced security features that result in a waste of time.

‘But what’s the solution? you may ask. That’s why we have curated a list of the best alternatives to Snapdrop for iOS users who can use them unhesitatingly.

What is Snapdrop?

Snapdrop, pronounced by the same name, is an application that offers a simple and convenient file transfer process without the need for data usage. Securely and efficiently, Snapdrop offers to share images or transfer important files with less hassle or effort. Created by Robin Lenus, the motive behind Snapdrop’s creation was to decrease the file-sharing duration while conveniently sharing files across Apple devices.

Features of Snapdrop

As mentioned in the app store, Snadrop boasts features like,

  • Quickly transfer images, videos, audio, documents, and contacts
  • Conveniently share files with different devices
  • Enable wireless transfer between your phone, iPad, and Mac
  • Easily find nearby devices, saving time and providing convenience
  • There is no need to upload to servers, and no internet connection is required.

Is Snapdrop safe/Legal?

Specifically designed for Apple users, SnapDrop is safe to use, and you can set up a connection between devices through a local network. Meanwhile, with an encryption technique, Snapdrop ensures the safety of your files that are being transferred.

Nevertheless, since files can be private, make sure that you have established an accurate connection before using Snapdrop.

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Snapdrop vs AirDrop, what is the difference?

The compatibility features of Snapdrop are appreciable when compared to AirDrop. Snapdrop works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and the web effortlessly without any issues, whereas AirDrop focuses on the iOS platform.

Snapdrop Reviews

So how positively has Snapdrop been reviewed? With most of the users considering it a good application, many reviews also featured some drawbacks that might hamper your expectations.

Pros of Snapdrop

  • Easy to Use 
  • Supports Progressive Web App
  • Speedy Transfer
  • Compatible With All Devices
  • Free to Use
  • No Speed Limit

Cons of Snapdrop

  • Service Sometimes Time Out
  • Only Works With an Internet Connection
  • Limited Features
  • Restrictive Wi-Fi Support

6 Snapdrop Alternatives to Look Out in 2024

Airdroid Personal

6 Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

Compatible with a wide range of tasks like file transfers, remote control, screen mirroring, and SMS management, among others, Snapdrop served as the best alternative to Snapdrop.

Despite external pressure, Airdriod Personal is reviewed as an efficient application, it offers a complete solution for your devices. Meanwhile, with a suitable user interface, Airdroid Personal is the best application, like Snapdrop.

Send Anywhere

6 Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

Similar to how it sounds, Send Anywhere allows you to compatibly share snaps and files across all devices. Counted among the top 5 alternatives to Snapdrop, Send Anywhere helps you share files through two methods. The first one includes pairing devices through a six-digit code, while the second method boasts generating links and sharing through them.

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6 Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

A web version of the file-transfer applications assists in the direct transfer between gadgets. Choose a device and drag-drop the file for a compatible transfer process.

While it is designed to handle complex files precisely, ShareDrop can be the best SnapDrop alternative to look out for in 2024. Additionally, the file transfer does not include any data loss.


6 Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

An application like Snapdrop, ShareMe is a file-sharing application that is compatible with Android devices. With the quick sharing of large files, videos, and documents, ShareMe does not require any network while performing the file transfer. Additionally, among the Android apps, ShareMe is rated the best for sharing files and includes efficient and time-saving work.


6 Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

If you are looking for a safe alternative to Snapdrop, consider using ToffeeShare, which ensures the use of high-end encryption techniques. Besides its safety, ToffeeShae does not limit itself to a file size and is compatible with sharing heavy data transfers. Additionally, with a simple user interface, ToffeeShare reviews constantly inform users about its safety and security.


6 Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

Another impressive file-sharing platform, NitroShare, features one of the most simple user interfaces and serves as the best alternative to Snapdrop. Prominent for its user interface and exceptional speed, this application supports a variety of devices like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is an open-source program that has been reviewed and is safe to use by users. Hence, when Snapdrop has been constantly negatively reviewed for its slow speed, you can consider using NitroShare for the best performance.


Although Snapdrop is free and provides users with easy file transfers, it has lost its credibility following several complaints about a slower process error. Meanwhile, this could occur as the application does not use the original service framework, and it can interfere with App Store Services. So, in the above-mentioned article, we have compiled a list of the best Snapdrop alternatives.

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