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Bhuvan Bam Net Worth: How Much Has Bhuvan Bam Made in His Career

Bhuvan Bam Net Worth: How Much Has Bhuvan Bam Made in His Career

Social media stars are highly popular and have grown in profitability over time over different mediums globally. One of the frontrunners of this is the YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam. Known for his original channels/series of comedy skits, BB Ki Vines, the Indian Youtuber, actor, model, and comedian, has grown his career over the years well. In the context of how much is Bhuvan Bam’s worth, it is surmised that Bhuvan Bam Net Worth is approximately INR 30 crore or USD 4 million, as of 2022. 

In this post, you can learn more about the net worth of Bhuvan Bam, his salary, personal life, and more.  


If you are wondering who is Bhuvan Bam, the 28-year-old YouTube sensation started off from humble beginnings. He was born to his parents, Avnindra and Padma Bam, in the city of Vadodara in Gujarat, India. 

Bam got a normal upbringing with Maharashtrian values and lifestyle. Later, the whole family shifted to Delhi, where he studied at the Green Fields School. After his high-school period, Bam joined Shaheed Bhagat Singh College under Delhi University and graduated with a B.A. Honours in History. 

He started posting his videos on social media, which was how he slowly joined and cemented his impact on the Indian YouTube sphere.  

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Net Worth 

Many fans and the general public wonder- what is Bhuvan Bam’s net worth? The exact figure is unknown, but reports suggest his net worth is around USD 40 million as of 2022. This estimate of Bhuvan Bam net worth in rupees stands at INR 30 crore approximately. 

For an easier understanding of how much is Bhuvan Bam’s net worth, here is a breakdown of his estimated net worth growth for the past 5 years (in USD). 

  • Bhuvan Bam’s net worth in 2022- is USD 4 million
  • Bhuvan Bam’s net worth in 2021- was USD 3- 3.4 million
  • Bhuvan Bam’s net worth in 2020- was USD 2.7 million
  • Bhuvan Bam’s net worth in 2019- was USD 2 million
  • Bhuvan Bam’s net worth in 2018- was USD 1.3 million
Bhuvan Bam Net Worth: How Much Has Bhuvan Bam Made in His Career


The primary income source for Bhuvan Bam is his YouTube channel named BB ki Vines. Based on the approximation of his net worth, sponsorships, follower count, and video views, it is counted that Bhuvan Bam monthly income rounds off to around INR 95 lakhs. 

Besides the YouTube videos and reach through social media, many other sources affect the overall Bhuvan Bam salary estimation. He has many sponsorships, including brand deals. He is the brand ambassador for the e-commerce brand, Myntra, for which he reportedly got INR 5 crores. 

Besides that, he is Mivi’s brand ambassador and has advertisement deals with other brands like Tissot, Beardo, Arctic Fox, Tasty Treats, and Lenskart.  All of these contribute to the overall Bhuvan Bam net worth. 

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Bhuvan Bam’s Assets 

Bhuvan Bam lives in a luxurious home he purchased for his family in Delhi. Besides that, he also invested in lands and properties for future profit growth. Other Bhuvan Bam assets include some of his prized possessions, like his car collection. He has a Toyota Fortuner, a Maruti Suzuki Swift, and Royal Enfield Classic 350.


To understand Bhuvan Bam net worth in 2022, discussing his career trajectory is essential. Before starting his current career, Bam used to sing at different restaurants. Then, he got interested in social media and started posting videos. 

He started posting videos in 2014, including the first-ever video named The Chakna Issue. At the time of posting, it did not get many views, but that changed later when it was reposted again. 

He partnered with The Viral Fever, a web series, which started his focus on comedic entertainment. 

BB Ki Vines

 After discussing one incident related to the Kashmiri floods, Bhuvan Bam started getting recognition in Pakistan and India. He created his YouTube channel named BB ki Vines. The YouTuber started off posting 2-12-minute-long videos posting the life of the titular character, an urban teenager named Bhuvan. He created many other characters with comical and whimsical behaviours, who were his family and friends. His videos showed the main character’s interactions with these characters, which were all played by him. 

The channel started getting viral, and his follower count grew to millions. His BB ki Vines are well-known among the general youth of India, some of them being Banchoddas, Titu Mama, Sameer Fuddi, Janki, Babli, Papa Maakichu, and more. He used to post those videos via a phone camera and posted them to Facebook and YouTube. 

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Other works 

Bhuvan Bam also created a music video he released in August 2016 named “Teri Meri Kahani”. After that, he made some more original songs, named “Safar”, “Sang Hoon Tere”, and “Ajnabee”. 

As for his acting pursuits, he started in a short film named “Plus Minus” with Bollywood actress Divya Dutt. He created a digital series named Titu Talks, where the character of Titu Mama handles interviews with celebrities. His first guest in December 2018 was Shah Rukh Khan. 

Bhuvan Bam Net Worth: How Much Has Bhuvan Bam Made in His Career

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. What is known about Bhuvan Bam’s family?

Not much is public knowledge about Bhuvan Bam’s family. The names of Bhuvan Bam’s parents are Avnindra Bam and Padma Bam. They passed away in 2021 during the height of the global pandemic period. Bhuvan Bam also has a brother. 

  1. How are Johnny Sins and Bhuvan Bam related?

Bhuvan Bam made some headlines when he invited Johnny Sins as one of the guests for his comedy sketch show, Titu Talks. During the segment, he interviews the international adult entertainer on different topics while doing a light roast. The star, in turn, was said to be very chilled out and cooperative, keeping an open and fun collaborative environment. 

  1. Who is Bhuvan Bam’s brother?

Aman Bam is the brother of Bhuvan Bam.

  1. Who is Bhuvan Bam’s girlfriend?

Bhuvan Bam does not share much about his personal dating life, but he has been linked with some. His rumoured girlfriend is Arpita Bhattacharya, who he has been dating for about a decade. 

  1. How tall is Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan Bam’s height is 5’6’’ or 5 feet 6 inches. 

  1. How old is Bhuvan Bam?

As of 2022, Bhuvan Bam is currently 28 years old. 

  1. When was Bhuvan Bam born?

Bhuvan Bam was born on January 22, 1994. 

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