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CEO Suchana Seth Case: More Chilling Details About the Murder, A Confusing Text to Estranged Husband

CEO Suchana Seth Case: More Chilling Details About the Murder, A Confusing Text to Estranged Husband
Source: Social Media

Following the gruesome murder of a four-year-old child by his CEO’s mother, chilling details are emerging daily about the case. Meanwhile, according to a police report, the murderer, Suchana Seth asked her estranged husband to come to meet his son days before commiting the crime. The case is prominent as “CEO Suchana Seth Case” is accused of murdering her son in a hotel room in Goa. While the police sources said the woman has so far shown no remorse, either over the death of the child, or the horrendous crime she committed.

While, during further investigation, police came out with another chilling detail. They found that on January 6, 2024, Suchana messaged her husband that he could meet his son the next day. However, on 8th January, she murdered her son and later packed it in a bag.

Besides, according to the post-mortem, Suchana Seth is smothered to death with a piece of cloth or pillow.

However, Mrs Seth and the child were not in Bengaluru so he could not meet them. And, a day later, he left for Indonesia without meeting his son.

Suchana Seth is the CEO of “Mindful AI Labs” and according to her LinkedIn, she is an AI ethics expert and data scientist with over 12 years of experience.

Besides, the couple, Suchana Seth and Venkat Raman were undergoing a divorce. Nevertheless, according to divorce statements, Venkat physically abused Suchana and her son, an allegation denied by Venkat. Following the divorce, the court issued a restraining order against Mr Raman was later restricted from meeting his son, visiting their home, or communicating with his wife.

However, later, Mr, Venkat Raman was handed visitation rights, which reportedly upset Venkat Raman. Meanwhile, this is also claimed to be the reason behind the gruesome murder.

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