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Volkswagen Carmakers to Introduce Chat GPT Into Compact Cars

In the trend of AI and Chat Gpt, Volkswagen has upfronted itself by featuring a voice assistant that integrates ChatGPT technology at the CES electronics trade fair in Las Vegas on Monday. Hence, that will also enable drivers to read researched content during their drive.

Meanwhile, the introduced chatbot, integrated via a partnership with Cerence Inc. can take charge of Cerence Inc. can control entertainment in the car and answer general questions. Meanwhile, in the same statement, the carmaker said, it could converse with drivers and interact in other ways.

“So if you have Apple CarPlay or Android or something, you are not able to adjust functionalities inside of the vehicle. That’s the next step. I think what our customers are looking for is seamless, intuitive usage of their car” Gruenitz said.

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Along with it, Volkswagen, in a media interview said that it was the first to include a fancy technology in its small cars. Besides, the GM also mentioned that they are planning to create a computer assistant using smart technology that is similar to GPT.

Meanwhile, last June, Mercedes Benz tried something about 900,000 cars and had their customised “MBUX” system. Hence, that allowed this car and its variations to download Chat GPT, a clever computer program. On the other hand, the idea behind introducing this was that drivers could eventually do things like booking movie tickets or reserving a table at a restaurant while sitting in the car.