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12 Cheapest Food Delivery Apps in India that You Should Try

12 Cheapest Food Delivery Apps in India that You Should Try
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Are you tired of waiting too long to sit in your favorite restaurant? Are you craving your dishes, and it’s midnight? Well, we are right here to get all the worries worried, presenting the 12 cheapest food delivery apps in India that will provide you with not only hassle-free delivery but also the most affordable cost.

So, if you are looking for the 12 cheapest food delivery apps in India, we would say this is the perfect place. 

1. Zomato

Zomato is rated as one of the cheapest food online delivery. This app also gives you a detailed view of the restaurant, reviews, and ratings. Users can browse through the dishes and restaurants and, in the end, apply the discount. Moreover, they have just launched a new feature where a user can order food from another city, known as Intercity Legend, but this feature only applies in some cities. At the same time, Zomato food delivery in train is also available. So you get the best food delivery in train too. Great, isn’t it? 

Why Zomato?

  • It is known to curate the restaurants near you.
  • Thoroughly scans the menu from top restaurants.
  • It has a feature called Zomato Intercity Legend that allows you to order food from various cities in India that gets delivered within 24 hours.
  • It has a live tracking feature that makes it easy to track your order.
  • Has a bunch of promo codes, deals, and discounts.

2. Swiggy

Swiggy, a clear competitor to Zomato, also takes the online food delivery industry by storm. Want to know the best part about this app? There is no minimum order quantity. Moreover, Swiggy also delivers groceries to your doorstep, and that too in just 10 minutes. It is one of the most widely downloaded apps. If you are wondering whether Swiggy food delivery in train is available, then, with a sad heart, we would say no. But if you are stopping at any station for more than 10 minutes, then yes, you can order food at the station, but again, make it a point to place the order at least 30 to 40 minutes in advance.

Why Swiggy?

  • Swiggy also has live tracking features.
  • Delivers groceries to your doorstep in just 10 minutes.
  • It has a wide range of restaurants and cuisines.

3. GoKhana

GoKhana became immensely popular during lockdown and is still running quite strongly. It is, in fact, one of the cheapest food delivery apps. 

Why GoKhana?

  • It provides bulk ordering.
  • Along with the dishes, you can order tea and coffee too.

4. Eat Fit

Eat Fit is one of the most affordable food delivery app. It is best for those who like avoiding junk and looking for healthy meals.

Why should you try Eat Fit?

  • You get plenty of healthy meal options to avoid junk food.
  • All the food items are prepared to keep in mind the calories

5. Dunzo

Dunzo provides 2 in 1 feature; you can order food and at the same time place an order for groceries and medicines. Moreover, it also helps to send packages. 

Why Dunzo?

  • You get food delivered in 19 – 20 minutes 
  • Saves your money as it keeps generating discount coupon
  • You can order pet food, dairy, and medicines too.

6. Dominoes

Dominoes is a great hit all across India. It is famous for delivering pizza in just 30 minutes, not to forget the discounts it keeps giving.

Why Dominoes?

  • Known to deliver pizza in just 30 minutes.
  • Pizza starts at a meager cost.
  • It has catering options where it accepts orders for birthday parties and other minor parties.
  • It is one of the best-selling apps in India.

7. TravelKhana

Are you looking forward to enjoying home-cooked meals while traveling on Indian Railways? That is what TravelKhana does. Travelkhana, a food delivery service for train passengers, provides them with home-cooked or homely food.

Why TravelKhana?

  • It offers a variety of tasty homemade dishes for rail travelers. 
  • It’s delivered at an affordable price. 
  • Excellent customer care service.
  • It also gives options for bulk ordering.

8. EatSure

EatSure was established in 2010, and it is a food court system. You can order from different restaurants and then pay simultaneously in the system. This is the only online food delivery app that has this feature. Perhaps this explains its increasing popularity.

Why EatSure?

  • It has strict quality control to keep its food quality consistent. 
  • The meals are packed safely to ensure they cannot be tampered with. 
  • EatSure serves as a food court where you can order from multiple outlets and offset them collectively. 
  • EatSure offers free food once your cart reaches a certain amount. 
  • EatSure is an app that delivers food without any additional charges.

9. EatClub

EatClub, a completely new brand in the online food delivery industry, provides a 30% discount to all users, but it comes with a membership. Before placing an order, customers are required to subscribe and purchase the membership.

Why EatClub?

  • Provides food from the best hand-picked restaurants
  • Follows a membership method wherein you are required to subscribe and purchase membership
  • All members get a flat 30% off on food.

10. Box8

If you want to have meals in boxes, Box8 will make it possible for you. You get meals in a delicious box, plus you can add a drink for that fabulous experience, too.

Why Box8?

  • Provides meals in the box
  • Allows you to add drinks along with your meal.
  • It has a range of homely meal options to choose from.

11. Fresh Menu

Another cheapest online food delivery app that is taking over the competitors. The best part is it offers international cuisine too.

Why Fresh Menu?

  • It keeps on changing the menu, thereby offering diversity
  • Delivery within 45 minutes
  • Provides farm fresh products

12. Tapzu

An app that provides everything within 30 minutes of ordering. Whether you need groceries, meat, food, or medicine, Tapzu provides everything under one roof.

Why Tapzu?

  • Provides late-night delivery option
  • Deliveries product within 30 minutes
  • Offers fascinating discounts 


One food delivery app is becoming a major hit; it provides the comfort of ordering food from the comfort of your home and a range of offers and discounts. While choosing any delivery app, keep ease of use, quality, and customer service in mind.

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