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Four Sabarmati-Agra Superfast Trains Derail near Ajmer

Four Sabarmati-Agra Superfast Trains Derail near Ajmer
Source: ANI

Six trains got cancelled and two diverted after four coaches, including the engine of the Sabarmati-Agra superfast (12548), derailed near Madar Railway station in Rajasthan’s Ajmer on Monday after colliding with a goods train running on its next track.

Leading officials and rescue squads rushed to the scene and started attempting to restart the engine and bring the derailed coaches back on track. Every passenger was saved. Ajmer railway station was the destination of many who were transported after sustaining minor injuries. Following their initial treatment, most of them were released.

A probe into how the incident occurred, given that the goods train was not allowed to be on that track, was announced by officials. At the Ajmer train station, a helpline for information regarding the accident has been established.

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