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Top 5 GetIntoPC Alternatives for Safe And Free Software Downloads

Top 5 GetIntoPC Alternatives for Safe And Free Software Downloads

While there are many websites online that provide you with the opportunity to download free software, they are not always safe. People looking for such platforms need to be careful about the malicious ads and fake virus warnings that come with them. Avoid such sites and look out for trustworthy resources while downloading anything on your device. Also, most of the software comes in paid versions.

Usually, individuals need software for a shorter duration and don’t need to purchase it after its trial period. Moreover, many people do not find it affordable to buy software for such a short period of time. Read this article to learn more about GetIntoPC, a website that allows free software downloads. Further, we will also discuss some of the best GetIntoPC alternatives.

What is GetIntoPC?

GetIntoPC is a website that enables users to download all kinds of software without any viruses. It is a free platform where users can access the download links for various software. Meanwhile, if the links are not available for any software, users can request them on the GetIntoPC website, and they will upload the link as soon as possible. It is an easy-to-use website, and it provides users with the opportunity to download anything instantly. Fewer websites provide such mind-blowing features for free.

Why do we need GetIntoPC alternatives?

As mentioned above, there might be some software unavailable for download on GetIntoPC. Other instances might include slow server responses and breaks in downloads. Therefore, users need to be prepared with a list of GetIntoPC alternatives in case of immediate requirements. Some of the best alternatives to this website are listed below.

1. PC Wonderland

Top 5 GetIntoPC Alternatives for Safe And Free Software Downloads

PC Wonderland is a software database website that serves as one of the best GetIntoPC alternatives. It provides users with the ability to access various tools, utility software, and operating systems. Moreover, the website has everything neatly categorised, such as graphic design, CAD applications, operating systems, office tools, antivirus, and more. 

It also serves as a one-stop destination for all requirements, as users do not need to visit the official websites of the software listed on GetIntoPC. This makes it time-saving, easily accessible, and reliable. One can search for the software’s time in the search bar and download most of the paid ones for free. 

2. Soft Famous

Top 5 GetIntoPC Alternatives for Safe And Free Software Downloads

Soft Famous is another GetIntoPC alternative that allows users to access thousands of software programmes for free. You can search for and download various kinds of software and tools on Soft Famous. The programmes on the website are categorised neatly for easy accessibility to users. Some of the categories include multimedia, games, graphic design, education, and more. 

The links available are for directly downloading the software through its server. Further, Soft Famous offers software and tools for all platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Android. 

The wide variety of databases makes Soft Famous one of the best choices for users looking to get the complete version of free products and a trial version of all the paid software.

3. FileCR

Top 5 GetIntoPC Alternatives for Safe And Free Software Downloads

This is one of the most popular websites to download various kinds of software for free. It consists of products for Android, Windows, and Mac. All of them are virus-free and easy to search on FileCR. One can also sort the software based on its category and type. Moreover, it supports free ads and hosts drive links to directly download apps, which are pre-activated a maximum number of times.

You can search for the app name and click on the download link button. You might need to wait for 15 seconds, and after that, you will see a link that directs you to Google Drive. Click on download to get the app on your device for free.

4. CrackingPatching

Top 5 GetIntoPC Alternatives for Safe And Free Software Downloads

CrackingPatching is one of the best alternatives to GetIntoPC, and it provides free and cracked versions of many software programmes. This database website offers access to premium products like Adobe Suite software, download managers, and office software. The search filter on CrackingPatching allows users to search for apps based on certain categories. However, you might need to use a torrent to download large files. Moving on, the website has free versions of an endless number of paid software. They are virus-free and secure and fulfil the needs of gaming and graphic design applications.

5. FileHippo

Top 5 GetIntoPC Alternatives for Safe And Free Software Downloads

FileHippo is a widely used site for downloading free software across multiple devices. The software mentioned on the platform comes with its own descriptions, with the requirement to download it mentioned along with it. Users might face distractions, such as occasional pop-ups asking them to download another software. However, it can easily be avoided by clicking on the skip button. One of the main factors that makes FileHippo the best choice for free app downloads is that it contains links to download their outdated versions. While it is not recommended to access the older versions, one can use it during emergencies and while facing issues with the newer versions.


To sum it up, there are many GetIntoPC alternatives available on the internet. However, legality and online safety are two of the main concerns. Avoid using shady sites that have malicious ads, which might compromise your privacy. While all the sites mentioned above are trustworthy, one should always double-check before using them. 

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