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Google Takes Down AI Image Generator Over Inaccurate Results

Google Takes Down AI Image Generator Over Inaccurate Results

Google recently rebranded Bard as Gemini and gave it the ability to generate images using artificial intelligence. In the beginning, it gave good responses, and people enjoyed using it to create hyperrealistic photos, but since the last few days, it has been giving inaccurate results to the given prompts by the users.

Google announced on Thursday that they are pausing the Gemini AI’s ability to generate images. They are trying to address the recent issues caused by the inaccuracy of image generation capabilities. Soon, they will be launching a new version of Gemini AI.

Google stated that the AI generation does attract a wide range of people, which is generally a good thing as people use it all over the world, but it is missing the mark here.

It is not clear how big the issue was that Google had to shut down its image generator feature from Gemini. A user asked Gemini to create Viking soldier photos, and they turned out to be images of people of mixed ethnicities wearing Viking gear. Another user asked it for pictures of the founding fathers of the USA, and Gemini gave historically incorrect images.

Google’s Gemini faced backlash and was mocked due to its inaccuracy. In addressing such concerns, Google has ensured that it will get Gemini’s image creator feature in new and improved versions, and until then, the image generator service will be paused.

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