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Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing: Top Strategies for Success

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing: Top Strategies for Success
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If you have a brilliant business idea and you want to see it become a reality, marketing is an essential component to success and it is not something you can afford to ignore. If you are not IT-savvy, this article outlines some of the strategies that top agencies use.


Search engine optimisation is probably the most popular service offered by a top Irish digital marketing agency such as King Kong that will put your site on the first page of search results, which is exactly where you want to be. There are a few ways to improve a website’s ranking within specific search terms and the SEO team work their magic and in a couple of months, you are at the top of the tree.

Social media marketing

Facebook is the best platform for small businesses; everyone has a Facebook account and with professional help, you can generate a strong social media profile that makes you an established part of the local community. If you would like to explore the potential that social media marketing offers, talk to a top-rated SEO agency and see what sort of plan they come up with. A team of professionals will manage all your social media accounts with coordinated posting of top-notch content and well-placed ads.

Content marketing

If your business website is lacking in any way, the digital agency will let you know; indeed, they typically recommend a web content revamp and a robust content marketing strategy; saying all the right things in a clear and engaging way. Your web content is your shop window to the digital world and with the best marketing team in the sector, you can’t really go wrong.

Pay per click

PPC is a form of advertising where the advertiser pays the publisher an agreed amount per click registered; this is a complex arena, with many advertisers bidding for prime spots at prime times and without a specialist agency, you would find it hard to get a return on your investment. Google Ads is the largest platform, while YouTube hosts many PPC ads.

Web design

If your digital platform isn’t setting the Internet on fire, an agency would recommend a revamp and with your input, a professional-looking platform is designed and built, with fast-loading pages and hi-res graphics. Features include Livechat, where site visitors can speak to a staff member in real-time, while cyber-security is bank-grade.

Approach a leading Irish digital marketing agency and let the best formulate a dynamic digital marketing plan that delivers!

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