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Pen Portrait: Defining it and its Applications in Marketing

Pen Portrait: Defining it and its Applications in Marketing

Confused about what Pen Portraits in marketing are? With this guide, understand everything to reach the right decision-makers to buy or engage with your product!

For authors and marketing individuals who have just stepped into the industry, understanding “what is pen portrait?” has eventually become a tough task. Pen Portrait is one of the most important marketing strategies to help connect with your target audience, the readers, and the researchers. 

It is a written description of a specific type of customer that explains everything about them including behaviours, preferences, demographics, psychographics, and more.

As we are not always writing to our friends or peers, it is necessary to use pen portraits in your write-ups. Since, target readers are what we are looking for, using the pen portrait technique is essential.

Understanding Pen Portrait in Marketing

If we are talking about pen portraits in marketing, we are referring to a written portrait or a word picture, or maybe “a written art.” As rightly said by Voltaire “Writing is the Painting of the Voice.”

Although the word “Pen portrait” seems a bit difficult for marketing professionals. It simply means creating a detailed picture, however with words. Meanwhile, along with practising pen portraits, you can understand a specific customer better. For example, in a story, you are explaining a character. However, if you are utilising the technique of pen portrait, you must represent your character as your target reader. Not only will this help establish your page, but it will also foster connections with your target audience.

Nevertheless, targeting customers is not an easy job in marketing. Despite its limitations, utilising “pen portrait marketing” can provide some assistance to professionals. 

Pen Portrait Example

By explaining pen portrait in marketing above, we have provided an example that will give us a better understanding of pen portrait,

For instance, Rizwan is 29 years old and has just graduated and joined our company. Rizwan sees himself above everyone and prefers to carry confidence.

In fact, he is not vocal and tends to answer calmly. Meanwhile, although Rizwan is a fresher, he carries a great understanding of business and tends to grab better opportunities if he wants to. In addition, he is involved with the firm’s little business that is managed inside.

Lastly, he is a 9 to 5 person so it would not be easy to influence him to join an out-of-hours workshop.

In such a case, we made sure that we caught up with Rizwan in the morning hours. Since in the morning hours, Rizwan didn’t seem too occupied; hence, he agreed to give us time. Moreover, owing to his soft-spoken nature and less vocal, we sat close to him (not too close).

Moreover, keeping in mind his interest in marketing, we started questioning his aspects of business and used his conversation to move into other areas of business. Hence, this worked well and he made several worthy suggestions and observations about the business.

Elaborating Self Pen-portrait

Many individuals often get confused about “what is a pen portrait of yourself and your personal history?.” In simple terms, a pen portrait of yourself or a self-portrait means a piece of writing that describes an author’s qualities, perspectives, and other similarities. Meanwhile, character portraits hold the capability of explaining an author’s skills that make them stand out from the crowd.

For instance, imagine you are a novel character. How would you describe yourself as the lead of the story? Hence, this interesting approach can assist you in making your self-portrait more poetic and literary. Also, explaining the tiniest elements of your life to the people you love the most can make your essay more memorable and interesting to the readers.

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