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Has Netflix Renewed The Good Cop Season 2? Read to Know More About the Plot and Cast

Has Netflix Renewed The Good Cop Season 2? Read to Know More About the Plot and Cast
Credit: Netflix

Is one of your favourite shows, The Good Cop, facing the axe, or has it already been confirmed to return for another season? Find out in this article!

Unfortunately, The Good Cop is not returning for season. This series was created by Andy Breckman. On top of that, the comedy series on Netflix stars Warren Brown, Tom Hopper, Michael Angelis, and more. Although the series had a good plot and an exceptional cast, it failed to gain enough traction and viewership to justify its continuation. Moreover, this news has disheartened many fans who were eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the lives of the show’s endearing characters.

A set of ten episodes landed on the popular streaming platform on September 21, 2018. Based on the Israeli show of the same name, the story of the series revolves around the cops and their investigation across the city.

Who Was in the Cast of The Good Cop?

Although the anticipated series The Good Cop has been cancelled, it has been widely appreciated for the exceptional cast and their acting. Meanwhile, the The Good Cop cast included, 

  • Warren Brown as PC John Paul Rocksavage
  • Michael Angelis as Robert Rocksavage
  • Tom Hopper as PC Andy Stockwell
  • Kerrie Hayes as PC Amanda Morgan
  • Mark Womack as DCI Craig Costello
  • Philip Hill-Pearson as DC Liam Frainey
  • Aisling Loftus as Cassandra Stanton
  • Stephen Graham as Noel Finch
  • Stephen Walters as Callum Rose
  • Joe Macaulay as Jonjo Heinz
  • Shaun Mason as Kyle Smart
  • Christine Tremarco as Justine
  • Johann Myers as PC Gary Walton
  • Michael J. Tait as PC Darren Skinner
  • Kevin Harvey as Sergeant Middleton
  • Jodie Comer as Am

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Will There Be a The Good Cop Season 2?

Unfortunately, soon after the premiere of the first season of The Good Cop, Netflix announced the cancellation of the series. That means fans won’t be treated with a second season.

Additionally, the number of hours and people watching did not add up to enough to justify a second season.

How Did The Good Cop Perform on Netflix?

The comedy-drama-murder series failed to make space in Netflix’s global top 10 hourly chart in the first three days of release, which suggests a slow chart.

Meanwhile, with an average rating of 7 on IMDb and 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the series received mixed reviews. With declining ratings, the show slipped to low levels, implying that the show may not have the staying power to be renewed, despite all of the other statistics we have presented.

Is there a trailer for Good Cop Season 2?

Regrettably, the series was cancelled within two months of the debut of the highly anticipated series, The Good Cop. Hence, there is no trailer for The Good Cop Season 2.