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Beyond Tomorrow: How Technology Changes the Future of Working Environment

Beyond Tomorrow: How Technology Changes the Future of Working Environment
Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

Let’s be honest: Whenever you read about technological advancement, particularly revolutionary upgrades of artificial intelligence and machine learning, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Mostly, it’s not the idea of using those changes to improve our work or stand out among others. What makes us thoughtful in this regard is the possibility that AI can steal our job one day. 

Generally, there there are two main groups of people: One that is pretty much skeptical about the future of AI, and the other that is convinced in our abilities not to be controlled but to be the controller of AI technologies. This time, let’s be in between these two opinions and understand how technology is already changing the future of the working environment.

By understanding ongoing processes and being a part of them, we can ensure a future where we can coexist with machines, benefitting from the strengths of technology and propelling us toward productivity and innovation. 

Gamification as a New Reality

The new emerging trend, gamification, comes from the success of the gaming industry and the love people have for the online gaming experience. And let me accent the word online since the internet revolutionized not one, not two but many industries. Ignition online casino is the best example of how one of the oldest industries can change its face due to the “internetization” of the globe. (Almost) Gone are the days when physical buildings were coming to mind when talking about a casino. 

The way we enjoy playing traditional games online attaches us to other digitized activities as well as broadening the lines of entertainment to easier, and more enjoyable methods of working. Welcome to the metaverse, where avatars move, and communicate, and every task may look like a part of the big game. 

Today, there are software products offering businesses digital offices, where the employees will work, gather for meetings, etc. This new reality of gamification in the workplace brings lots of benefits. In the future, by integrating game mechanics and elements into our daily tasks, we will make the gray offices into virtual environments where any achievement can be rewarded. Imagine earning experience points for completing projects, leveling up by acquiring new skills, and competing with colleagues in friendly leaderboards. 

Forget about the Desk

The future workplace is getting ready to undergo a radical transformation in terms of physical matters as well. Say goodbye to the traditional office desk and hello to a fully immersive work environment. Instead of spending hours in front of computers and laptops, we’ll be wearing magical VR/AR glasses that transport us to a digital world where creativity knows no bounds.

Picture this: You step into your virtual workspace, surrounded by a panoramic view of your dream office. Your browser tabs and folders are in front of you, and no need to switch from one to another since there is plenty of space for all of those. Want to access files and data? Simply gesture in the air, and interactive holograms materialize at your fingertips. With the power of virtual and augmented reality, the boundaries of physical space fade away. 

Maybe what I just described could feel less possible before Apple announced its Vision Pro headset. Now this is not a future, but the very present.

There is No Office, So the Office is Everywhere

Amid the preparations to adopt digital workspaces and VR/AR glasses, physical offices look like an old-fashioned idea, and digital nomadism becomes the norm as remote work takes center stage no matter how much business giants don’t like this tendency. The coffee shop becomes the boardroom, and the beach becomes the brainstorming session. As long as there’s an internet connection, the possibilities for work and life become interconnected, and the world truly becomes our small and big corners.

However, with this freedom comes the need for adaptability and discipline, when there is no familiar structure of a physical office, it will be crucial to establish routines and maintain a work-life balance. You may assume how fragile that balance can be if we don’t approach the work as work and never mix it with our personal life, despite the fact that both can be happening at the same place physically. So, it’s important to keep everything under control and set the invisible reminder in our heads about being responsible on the job. Maybe afterward those aforementioned companies would change their position about remote jobs.

As we venture into this exciting era of gamification, immersive technologies, and remote work, the way we view and experience our professional lives gets ready for a remarkable shift. Work no longer feels like a heavy responsibility but rather a dynamic adventure. So hopefully, this article contributes to welcoming the power of gamification as an opportunity, not a threat. The future of work is here, and it’s waiting for us to play.

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