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Guidebook: How to Check Incognito History in Mobile Phones?

Guidebook: How to Check Incognito History in Mobile Phones?
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Incognito, the privacy feature in web browsers, which doesn’t keep a record of the web pages you visit, is often used by individuals. Meanwhile, they are basically used for surfing the Internet privately on Android. However, many users find it difficult to access the incognito mode and the other features that are included in it. So, in this guide, get to know everything about incognito, and how to view its history and delete it.

How To See Incognito History on the Phone?

Although Incognito mode is one of the best options that help you secure your privacy, there are several reasons why someone might view Incognito history on someone’s Android device. Meanwhile, that could be accessed for parental control and employee monitoring among other reasons.

So, if you continuously search for “view my incognito history on Android phone” you have landed on the correct page. Below, we have mentioned the steps to successfully obtain the incognito history,

1. Install a File Manager App

The primary step to view the history is to install a file manager app. Meanwhile, there are several options for file manager apps on Play Store. Choose one of them.

2. Locate the Chrome Browser Folder

As soon as you finish the installation of the File Manager app, open it and make your way across the device’s internal storage. In the Android folder, open the data folder followed by Meanwhile, this folder contains all the Chrome browser data.

3. Access the User Data Folder

Now that you have made your way to com. Android. chrome, go into the user data folder. Go through the folder which will enable you to access the Chrome user data.

4. Navigate the Incognito History File

After going into the user data folder, you will come across the folder “default.” Hence, this folder stores every search history including that of incognito.

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How to Delete Incognito History?

Many users eagerly look for how to clear incognito history from their personal computers/android phones. Hence, to vanish all your incognito history at once, follow these steps, 

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer/android phone.
  • Click on the three dots icon displayed in the top right corner.
  • Now, from there, click on the “click history option.”
  • Following, go into the “Tabs from other devices” option.
  • After you’re directed to the next page, select the tab from where you want to delete your history.
  • Lastly, click “close tab” to get rid of the search history. Hence, with these steps, you will be successful in incognito history delete/deletion.

How to Maintain Privacy on Android?

As viewing incognito history is important, protecting your privacy while you are comfortably Internet surfing is equally important. Hence, to protect your privacy, you should,

  • Utilise a virtual private network (VPN) that will not only assist in encrypting your Internet traffic but also hide your IP address.
  • Meanwhile, you can also go for privacy-focused browsers, for instance, Tor or DuckDuckGo, which can be helpful. As a result, they will never track your browsing activity.

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Incognito has always helped Internet users to trust in Google’s privacy. However, many growing teenagers and employees among others misuse them to hide their explicit, unauthorised, and restricted Google searchers. So, it is crucial to have parental or superior control that will assist in keeping an eye on them. On the contrary, invading someone’s privacy is an offence and should be avoided until it is a necessity.

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