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How To Fix the “SOS Only” Error on iPhone?

How To Fix the “SOS Only” Error on iPhone?
Image via Apple

Are you fed up with the frequent “SOS only” notifications on your iPhone? No need to fret, as this guide has brought multiple solutions for you! 

Were you just about to make a call, however, your iPhone keeps bombarding you with pesky “SOS only” messages. Meanwhile, with an Apple survey, we came to know that almost every iPhone user has come across a frustrating problem, the SOS-only error.

However, you don’t need to worry about it as with this article we have discussed everything including what SOS mean on iPhone and how to fix it.

Why Does my iPhone say SOS only?

Many users have continuously searched “Why does my iPhone says SOS only at the top?.” The Morse code “SOS ” or “SOS Only iPhone” emerges in the carrier field, at the top of the screen on your device.

Meanwhile, followed by this alert, you can only make calls with your iPhone on emergency numbers like 911 (US), 112 (Europe), 999 (UK), or 000 (Australia).

Fortunately, this means you can still make emergency calls if you find yourself in trouble; however, if you are out of the network coverage area. Additionally, there are chances that if you have travelled to a different country, you can get the “SOS Alert.”

Besides, service outages can also mess with your iPhone’s connectivity, making it impossible to place a call

Ways to Fix It

Along with what SOS mean on iPhone, we have come up with easy-peasy solutions which can solve the SOS on iPhone error within seconds. Read all these to get an instant solution for the troublesome “SOS only error.”

Change Mobile Plan

If you are a continuous victim of the “SOS only error,” there might be the possibility that your chosen network is facing problems. To rectify it, use your iPhone’s dual sim capabilities and subscribe to another mobile plan.

Use “Flight Mode”

Moreover, there might be an incident when your iPhone gets stuck in the “SOS only” mode. Hence, at that time, try to switch on and off the phone’s flight mode, respectively. Meanwhile, this will auto-connect your iPhone.

Restart your iPhone

If none of these works, go for a restart of your iPhone. Subsequently, restarting your device might re-establish a connection with your porter.


We have provided every possible solution that can help fix “SOS only on iPhones”. However, if the above-mentioned doesn’t work, there are chances of broken antennas or your phone bill is overdue. Besides, you do not necessarily have to panic. As this is one of the minor errors and is often faced by phone users, it doesn’t matter iOS or Android.

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