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Smart Strategies: How to Safely Remove Water from Charging Ports?

How to Get Water Out of The Charging Port? Hacks and Guide on What to Do Next
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Did you accidentally pour a liquid over your phone or drop it in a bathtub? While this has happened to a lot of us, it can panic an individual for a while. Nevertheless, the best option is to blow-dry your phone. While, depending on how badly your phone has been affected by water, it might need to use a shop vac or a vacuum cleaner to dry it.

Meanwhile, modern-day phones are mostly featured as water-resistant. According to experts, some of the phones won’t get damaged even if they are submerged in water. While, if your phone has enough water resistance, you can use it. However, avoid charging it for a while. Meanwhile, in this write-up, we have mentioned all the hacks which you can try for your phone,

Shut Down Your Phone

If you’ve spilled water over your phone, the first thing you should practise is shutting down your phone. Meanwhile, this can prevent your phone from any further damage as possibly the water can short-circuit your phone.

Remove Case and Detachable Components

If your phone has a case or a similar accessory, remove it. Following this, try removing your sim and sim to avoid any kind of damage to them. Besides, if you have an older version of your phone and have a battery or an SDCard in it, remove them.

Wipe Off Excess Water

If there is still excess water inside your phone, use a clean cloth to wipe it. Meanwhile, if you can see water in the small openings of the phone, pat it gently until it drops.

How to Get Water Out of The Charging Port? Hacks and Guide on What to Do Next
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Air Dry Your Phone

The best and safest way to repair your water is to air dry it with a hair dryer or manually leave it out in clean air This might take time; however, later, all the excess water will evaporate from your phone keeping it dry. Meanwhile, to speed up the process, you can utilise an air conditioner or a table fan. However, make sure that you are using an air conditioner in cool mode as hot air can damage your phone.

Use Shop Vac or Vacuum Cleaner

In cases where the phone is expected to carry much water due to excess spillage, you can try using a shop vac or a vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile, after using either of them, you can air dry it till it functions properly.

Use Silica Gel Packets

Alternatively, you can also use hygroscopic materials like Silica gel packets for your phone. A hygroscopic material instantly soaks liquid; hence, it can be beneficial for the process.

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How to Check On If Your Phone’s Completely Dry?

According to sources, if you connect to your iPhone’s charging port, it will show Liquid Detected in the Lightning Connector. Hence, as long as the message becomes extinct, you have to dry your phone. While to know, if your phone has accidentally got too much water in it, you can see signs like,

  • Overheating while idle
  • Minor glitches or screen flickering
  • Ghost touch
  • Speakers not working or muffled audio (If you have water in your speaker as well, the linked guide will help you remove it)

Meanwhile, along with it, you can mostly face difficulty with the phone’s charging port. Hence, if you are constantly troubled and are searching for questions like how to get liquid out of the charging port, how to get water out of the phone charging port, how to remove moisture from the phone charging port, how to dry the charging port quickly, you can just follow the air dry option for a better result.

Things to Avoid While Drying the Charging Port

Among the other parts, the charging port has the highest chance of getting damaged. Hence, follow the steps to avoid any kind of damage,

  • Leaving your phone to dry out in the Sun.
  • put your phone in Rice
  • Don’t use a cotton swab, paper tissue, or cloth to wipe your charging port.
  • Excessive shaking or swinging your phone to get the water out
  • Using a hair dryer, compressed air, or any kind of tool that blows out air with pressure

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The phone’s charging port is the most important part of your phone and is always advised to be handled with care. Hence, if you’ve spilled water over your phone, you should know that dropped water in phone won’t charge. As a result, you should try following the above-mentioned steps and hacks for a complete rectification of your phone.