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Drippin’ in Dollars: Yung Gravy’s Net Worth Exposed

Yung Gravy Net Worth: How Rich is the American Rapper?
Credit: Yung Gravy at Instagram

Matthew Raymond Hauri, popularly known by his stage name Yung Gravy, is of American origin and is an actor, rapper, and songwriter. In 2022, he gained prominence after his single earned critical acclaim while receiving platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. Along with a successful musical stint, Yung Gravy is well-known for the wealth he has earned from his career. Hence, in this article, we will dive into Yung Gravy’s net worth and the several impressive factors that contribute to it. 

Yung Gravy’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Yung Gravy has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Meanwhile, along with his music fees, other things equivalently contribute to his wealth.

Factors Contributing to the Net Worth of Yung Gravy

Music Fees

Yung Gravy’s listed albums included Sensational (2019), Baby Gravy 2 (2020), Gasanova (2020), Marvelous (2022), and Baby Gravy 3 (2023). Meanwhile, his musical career majorly contributes to his towering net worth.

Event Participation

Yung Gravy came into prominence after the hockey team, Tampa Bay Lighting, described it as their team’s post-victory song. Subsequently, in 2022, performed at the pregame performance for the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots NFL football game. Meanwhile, in the same year, he performed his hit single, Betty, at Jimmy Kimmel Live and the MTV Video Music Awards. Moreover, in 2023, he performed at the Minnesota State Fair.

Car Collection

Like other rappers, Yung Gravy has a fascination with high-end cars. Nevertheless, he has a small collection of cars. As of 2024, his car collection includes,

  • Ferrari 488
  • Tesla Model S
  • Chrysler 300

Real Estates

Along with an exquisite car collection, Yung Gravy has an impressive real estate portfolio. Meanwhile, according to several media houses, he has purchased some of the luxurious real estate in and around his hometown.

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Matthew Raymond Harry, better known as Yung Gravy, was born on March 19, 1996 (Age 27 years; as of 2024) in Rochester, Minnesota.


Yung Gravy’s father, Peter Johannes Hauri, was a Swiss-born insomnia psychologist. Meanwhile, his mother, Cynthia Cleveland Hauri, is a working medical professional. In addition to it, Yung Gravy’s siblings include David Courard Hauri, a well-known scientist, Heidi-Hauri Gill, and Katrin Kaspir, a dedicated volunteer.

Yung Gravy attended Mayo High School. Meanwhile, during his initial years of school, he got interested in music. Later, he started to rap at his friend’s parties and some public events in his hometown of Rochester, Minnesota.


Following discovering his early interest in music, Yung Gravy started his music career on SoundCloud. In 2017, after shifting his full-time career to music, he started making music and self-recording several albums. Along with a musical style of modern tap music, Yung Gravy’s albums and discographies have gained national recognition for their fine blend of music.

Yung Gravy Top Hits Songs

  • Mr. Clean
  • Everest
  • Welcome to Chilis
  • You Need Jesus
  • C’est La Vie

Yung Gravy Albums

  • Baby Gravy 2 (2020)
  • Marvelous (2022)
  • Baby Gravy 3 (2023)
  • Sensational (2019)

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Lesser Known Facts About Yung Gravy

  • Along with his stage name Yung Gravy, he goes by other names including  Mr. Butter, Clancy Brett, Daddy Aioli, Mr. Clean, Lil Steamer, and Yung Gravity. Meanwhile, his first chosen name was Mr.Butter
  • Despite an acclaimed musical career, he has a good academic record. In addition to that, he has also obtained a degree in marketing.
  • Previously, Yung Gravy attracted controversy after he was accused of drug possession and criminal trespassing while partying at his friend’s place in Georgia.
  • Yung Gravy is 6 feet and 3 inches tall for his height and his weight is estimated to be around 71 kg. He does not seem to have any tattoos as of this moment. He seemed to have a charming personality.