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How to Master Language Skills Through Communicative Language Teaching Method

How to Master Language Skills through Communicative Language Teaching Method
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Communicative language teaching (CLT), often known as the communicative method, is the process of imparting linguistic knowledge by means of interaction between teachers and students. Those whose first language is not English benefit greatly from this form of instruction because it positions effective communication as both the ultimate goal and the means to that end for ELLs. Essentially, the purpose of communicative language teaching is to have students acquire a new language via sustained, authentic interaction with native speakers.

Participate in Scenarios from Real Life

Instructors may use a broad range of tailored exercises and meaningful objectives to promote meaningful connections. Students might act out situations from their daily lives, such as talking about their favorite hobbies and pop culture; negotiate over the cost of an item at a store, or summarizing the narrative of a recent book or film they loved. 

Instead of focusing on learning grammatical rules and structure, students practice using language in context and for content via the use of real-world scenarios. CLT Methods such as role-playing, guided practice, and small-group activities are used to assist students in improving their oral and written communication skills.

Have Conversations That Matter to You

The concept of meaningful engagement is one of the cornerstones of CLT. Have discussions with people who speak the language natively or with other people who are learning the language. Instead of concentrating on perfecting your speech, try to comprehend and communicate your thoughts.

Take part in the group activities

Participate in language learning courses or groups that focus on activities done in a group setting. Participating in group activities that involve solving problems, such as discussions and role-playing games, may improve your language abilities.

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Tips for effectively using the communicative language teaching approach

Instead of focusing primarily on obtaining grammatical information, CLT method aims to improve students’ ability to use the language in authentic contexts. The method emphasizes discussion, problem-solving, and the learner’s immediate surroundings. It is necessary to dissect the tenets and methodology of Communicative Language Teaching in order to grasp its basis fully. Here are some tips to master language through Communicative Language Teaching Method:

  • To ensure that all students are regularly exposed to the language being studied, it is important to plan a variety of communicative activities such as conversations in pairs, role-playing, puzzle-solving, and group projects that include student interaction
  • Games, role-playing, and problem-solving exercises may be used to practice a variety of formal and informal exchanges
  • Teachers should focus on creating a positive classroom environment and assigning students work that is tailored to their specific skill set, learning style, and areas of interest
  • Fluency is more important than perfection. Insist that students emphasize effective communication and fluency. It’s important, as a teacher, to retain the focus and priority on fluency, while you should certainly address correctness when it arises. Give constructive criticism that will stimulate further conversation

Advantages of Communicative Language Teaching

The CLT method of instruction has several benefits, including the following:

  • CLT is a comprehensive method. The conventionally structured curriculum is one of many things covered. It values language for its ability to convey meaning
  • The goal of CLT is to help the student learn. The learning experience is tailored to the individual’s goals and passions
  • The use of CLT in the classroom brings energy and inspiration to the students
  • CLT method has the potential to be a game-changer in the classroom in a world where information sharing and IT have made huge impact


CLT is a great technique of instruction since it encourages and rewards student engagement. With this method, students may expect to achieve fluency and develop strong communication skills. In this framework, student’s verbal and interpersonal skills are prioritized. The theoretical aspects of language acquisition are less of a focus than the more practical aspects of this approach.

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