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IAS Officer Inspects Health Care Centre As A Patient In UP’s Firozabad

IAS Officer Inspects Health Care Centre As A Patient In UP’s Firozabad
Source: Krati Raj/IG

A sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) conducted an inspection at a government health care centre in Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad while posing as a patient 

Firozabad SDM (Sadar) Krati Raj, an IAS officer of the 2021 batch, stated that she received several complaints regarding inconveniences faced by the patients in the area, mainly those looking to get vaccinated against rabies, at the Dida Mai health centre.

The complainant stated that a doctor at the Dida Mai health centre in Firozabad was usually unavailable even after 10 a.m. and that victims of dog bites were feeling harassed. So I chose to visit the hospital in a veil.

Krati Raj, According to ANI

She further stated that when the doctor came, he was rude to the patients. The medicine stock kept at the centre was expired. Staff administering injections were not working properly, and there was no cleanliness in the centre. Many staff members marked present were absent. The officer said that she will submit the report to the higher authorities so that strict action can be taken against them.

Krati belongs to Jhansi, and after completing her training three months ago, she joined her current position. When asked about her out-of-the-box approach, Krati replied that she found it to be an effective way of dealing with such complaints.

She got a slip for herself and even interacted with patients. Her identity was revealed only when she began inspecting the medicine stock.

We (government officials) are here to serve the masses, but at the health centre, there was no spirit to serve visible.

Krati Raj
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