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Arun Govil’s Reaction On Ranbir Kapoor Playing Lord Ram In Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayan

Arun Govil’s Reaction On Ranbir Kapoor Playing Lord Ram In Nitesh Tiwari's Ramayan
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Ranbir Kapoor is all set to play Lord Ram in Nitesh Tiwari’s film “Ramayan.” The film will star Ranbir Kapoor, Sai Pallavi, Yash and Sunny Deol in the roles of Sita, Ravan and Hanuman, respectively. Arun Govil called Ranbir a ‘good actor’ and stated that he is ‘very cultured’ and should be able to do a good job with the role.

Actor Arun Govil became popular after portraying the role of Lord Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s TV serial “Ramayan.” In a recent interview with Bollywood Spy, Arun Govil talked about Ranbir Kapoor and his role in “Ramayan.” When asked if Ranbir and the upcoming Ramayan trilogy would be able to match up his iconic show on Doordarshan, 

Woh ho sakta hai ya nahi ho sakta hai woh toh samay batayega. Pehle se kuch nahi kaha ja sakta kisi ke baare main (only time can tell if that will happen or not; I can’t say anything in advance about it). But, as far as Ranbir is concerned, he is a good actor. He is an award-winning actor.

Arun Govil

The actor further stated that, as far as he knows, Ranbir is very hardworking and cultured. He has good moral and cultural values, and he is very sure that Ranbir will try to do his level best.

Ramayan will reportedly be released as a trilogy. The film’s first part is expected to be released in 2025. Ranbir will undergo extensive vocational training to portray Lord Ram in the film. The director, Nitesh, wanted Ranbir to sound ‘different.’ India Today, quoting a source, stated, 

Ranbir has a certain baritone and a way of speaking his lines. It is symbolic, and if you have even closed your eyes, you can recognise a dialogue purely based on Ranbir’s voice. In Ramayan, Nitesh wants to make sure he sounds different from the characters he’s played in the past. Being a versatile actor, he is enjoying this process of trying something new.

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