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Keep Breathing Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More

Keep Breathing Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More
Source: Netflix

It’s time to freak out for all the fans of Keep Breathing because the Keep Breathing star Melissa Barrera has offered a clarifying update on season 2 of the Netflix show. A series of six episodes, the popular Keep Breathing season 1 was a sure hit. It premiered on July 28 and became one of the top series in just a few days. The series was mainly centered around the lead character, Liv, a New York lawyer, and her planned trip to Canada to meet up with her estranged mother.

Those plans changed her life upside down, and the whole series was full of thrill and excitement, covering how her plane crashed in the wilderness and how she was forced to survive in an environment that was not only dangerous but unfamiliar to her. However, now the suspense is all about the Keep Breathing Season 2 release date on Netflix. We have covered almost everything to let you know. 

Is There Any Chance of a Season 2 of the Netflix Series Keep Breathing? 

Well, Keep Breathing is billed as a limited series. It technically means that the series is already finished. But fans are hopeful about the series season 2 of Keep Breathing because the 

White Lotus and Big Little Lies were also premiered as limited series. But later, there were followup seasons. Currently, Keep Breathing is the number one survivalist thriller on Netflix, and Barrera is a rising star who has performed amazingly. 

Though there is still no official information about the second season, it would not be shocking if the plans were changed later. Those who have already watched the first season know that Liv is alive. And the creative team is now on the post-rescue story. There have been many times when networks and streaming services have had to fulfill fans’ demands because of the first season’s success. 

So, if the show continues, a new plot with a survival story could surprise everyone. The writer and streamers will finally decide on the update of this story. 

What Is the Ending Of Season 1 ‘Keep Breathing’ And Did Liv Manage To Survive?

Where can I watch Keep Breathing season 2? This is a common question for many fans. But, if it is released, it will premiere on Netflix again, just like season 1. The first season created so much excitement among fans because the end of the series revealed that Liv finally managed to free herself from the cave. However, after escaping, she was already facing her next challenge after she fell and her leg broke. She also realizes that she has left all her essentials behind.

She is in a stage where she starts accepting the incidents and destiny one by one, starting from surviving the plane crash, Struggling with the elements of the wild, and fighting with her inner demons—she probably will die. 

After swifting into the river, Liv even starts hallucinating with the memories of her past. As well as the possible scenarios of her future. She then falls unconscious when two men spot her and drag her out from the water. She is certainly in a situation where she could almost die, but the next scene again gives a thrill when Liv wakes up gasping for air, and her hallucinations even take her to the future scene where she is giving birth to a baby with her boyfriend, Danny.

Liv has experienced hallucinations throughout the season. But, the final moment got a huge interpretation when everything was clear that it was just a vision, nothing real. But luckily, the show’s producers have confirmed that Liv survived, so this is the point of hope that there could be another season. 

“The ending is breathtaking, finding that she survives. We have seen her wake up again at last to take a breath. We find a huge love/hate relationship with the endings, and it gives us mixed feelings. This could allow the fans to ask, will there be a Keep Breathing season 2? 

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When Will Keep Breathing Season 2 Release? 

Well, we don’t know the actual answer, but if Netflix is ready to renew the show for a second season, we can expect that there will be a 12- to 18-month time frame between the final filming and then the post-production procedures.

So, if season two comes out, it could be in 2024. Till now, all we can say is, fingers crossed…

What Have We Come To Know About Season 2 So Far? 

Nothing is known about the Keep Breathing season 2 trailer or the release date. We cannot say anything since Netflix has not given a green-lit sequel. However, the first season’s conclusion has opened things up for a follow-up. Because fans deserve to see the same cast as Keep Breathing Season Cast. Finally, the producers and the team can decide on the return and can expand this story, which should happen. 

If season 2 is renewed, we can expect Liv to fight to get back to Danny and potentially find a way out of the wild and back to civilization.

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