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Meta Update: The Social Media Giant Adds Teen’s Safety Following Criticism

Meta Update: The Social Media Giant Adds Teen's Safety Following Criticism
Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, Meta Platform announced that it is planning to hide more content from teens on Instagram and Facebook following the ground press of social media to protect children from harmful content on the platforms.

In a Blogspot, Meta claimed that teens will be placed into the most restrictive content settings and additional filtered settings will be placed on the social media platform.

Besides, the move will make it difficult for teens to come across sensitive content like suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders after using features like search and explore on Instagram.

Hence, along with the measures, Meta Platform is expected to deliver a more age-restricted content experience.

According to sources, Meta is under pressure both in the United States and Mexico that its app is addictive and helped fuel a mental health crisis.

Besides, the regulatory pressure followed the testimony in the United States by a former Meta employee who alleged the company was aware of harassment; but failed to serve any kind of action against them.

Later, an employee called Meta to regulate its policies while promoting the platform towards serving a positive experience. Nevertheless, any suitable set is awaited to be taken by Meta.

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Meta has been competing with TikTok for young users. Advertisers hope children will keep buying their products as they grow up.

Besides, Tuesday’s Meta change in existing teen and safety controls also includes the ability for parents to check their children’s time spent on Instagram. Meanwhile, that will also create reminders to take a break during long scrolling sessions and notifications for parents if their teens report another user.