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Suchna Seth Case: CEO Mom Denies Murder Allegations, Cops Discovers Cough-syrup Bottles in the Murder Spot

Suchna Seth Case: CEO Mom Denies Murder Allegations, Cops Discovers Cough-syrup Bottles in the Murder Spot

The heartwrenching incident wherein a CEO of a Bengaluru startup, Suchana Seth killed her four-year-old son, took a tragic turn. Now, according to the reports released by the Press Trust of India, the murder was pre-planned. The postmortem reports indicate that the cause of death was something from a pillow or a cloth. Besides, two empty cough syrup bottles, one small and one large were reportedly discovered in the serviced apartment where Suchana booked her stay. On the contrary, the child’s post-mortem report claims no signs of struggle and is probably smothered to death.

Was the Murder Pre-planned?

We are examining the possibility that the woman gave a heavy dose of cough syrup to the child before putting him to death. It looks like a pre-planned murder.” claimed the officials.

Following the discovery of cough syrup bottles, police’s further investigation concluded that Seth had purchased cough syrup bottles, claiming that she had a cough. Nevertheless, the larger bottle was carried by her, further raising the suspicions.

The accused, Seth, denied the murder allegations, claiming his son was deceased before she woke up.

Who is Suchna Seth?

Suchna Seth is a physicist turned lab scientist and serves as the CEO of Mindful AI Lab. Besides, according to her Suchna Seth LinkedIn, she holds 12 years of experience as an AI Ethics expert.

Not only this, but according to the media house, she had excellent academics,  Graduated with a first-class degree in physics, Research fellow at Harvard & Bengaluru’s Raman Research Institute, and Data & Society, Speaks 4 Languages, and PGDM in Sanskrit from the Ramakrishna Mission, where she ranked first.

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Goa CM, Pramod Sawant on the Murder Case

On Wednesday, 10 January 2023, Goa Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant, said that the investigation is continuing in the murder case. As soon as the police found something suspicious, that woman was immediately arrested. An investigation is going on, and police will reach the very end of the case” said Sawant in a media conference.

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