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Boeing 737 Max Aircraft: DCGA Officials Find an Aircraft With Missing Washer

Boeing 737 Max Aircraft: DCGA Officials Find an Aircraft With Missing Washer
Three Indian airlines — Akasa Air, SpiceJet, and Air India Express — operate 737 MAX-8 planes. Image for representation | Photo Credit: AP

On Tuesday, 9 January 2023, the Aviation Regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation stated that a washer (component) was found missing in one of the Boeing 737 Max Aircraft. During the media interaction, a senior DCGA official went on to say that out of 40 Boeing 737 Max Planes of the three Indian carriers, only one aircraft was found with a missing washer, and the rest 39 aircraft were completed with nil findings.

Although the officials didn’t mention the name of the airline, SpiceJet, Akasa Airlines, and Air India Express use the 737 Max planes. Following the inspection, the DGCA official added that the rectification would be completed before the release of planes. Inspection on the remaining aircraft will be completed before release for service, said the officials.

Amid the Alaska Airlines Accident, a US-based aviation major Boeing advised a safety check of all the 737 Max Planes inspection. Meanwhile, aviation inspectors have come into action following the horrifying incident where Alaska Airlines B737-9 Max aircraft blew out soon after takeoff last Friday; the incident put 177 passengers on board at risk. Meanwhile, the plane made a safe landing in Portland.

Another drawback of the B737-9 aircraft was reported after loose bolts in United Airlines were found. Nevertheless, Indian carriers do not have a B737-9 in their fleet. Instead, they operate 737-8 planes. However, according to media sources, the industrialist Mukesh Ambani is believed to own a 737-9 Max.

Besides, the Boeing 737 aeroplanes have an infamous tragic past. In 2019 and 2020, Boeing was grounded worldwide after a total of 345 people died in two separate crashes. Hence, the recent missing washer incident might impact the orders for Boeing Max as many countries are believed to give orders for the same.

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Boeing 737-9 Max

Despite the 737-9 controversy going around, the Indian airlines do not have them in their fleet as they operate 737-8 planes. However, reportedly, Mukesh Ambani owns a private 737-9 Max.

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