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How Much Net Worth of Badshah: Biography, And Royal Lifestyle

How Much Badshah Make In 2022: Biography, Net Worth And Royal Lifestyle

The internet is a huge network which helps to access information from all around the world. People often search to acquire more information on their favourite celebrities. Who is Badshah? It is one of the most popular searches on the internet. 

Badshah is the stage name of Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia. He is very popularly known for his singing, rapping and music composing in Bollywood and independently. Badshah belongs to Punjab and started his career in the Punjab music industry. Besides, rock music in India became popular after Badshah’s song. The songs are in various languages as most of the population can understand them. This would include Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi and others. 

Some facts about Badshah

Badshah is one of the celebrities who is one of the few singers in Bollywood top 100 celebrities. The singer, rapper and producer has risen to fame from his hard work for more than 15 years in both Bollywood and Punjabi music industries.  

The birthplace of Badshah is Delhi (India), 1985 (19th November). Thus, Badshah’s birthday and age in 2022, will be 36 years. Sisodia is married to Jasmine; the ceremony took place in 2017. Badshah has a daughter who is 4 years old and is called Jessamy Grace Masih Singh. Not much is known about the Badshah family


How Much Badshah Make In 2022: Biography, Net Worth And Royal Lifestyle

Badshah wanted to be an engineer by education. Hence, they travelled to Chandigarh for the same. However, his love for music made him a rapper, singer, and composer. At an early age, he completed his education at Bal Bharti Public School in New Delhi. He did not continue with his education after joining the entertainment industry. 

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The kickstart of his career was in 2006 when his songs were released with Yo Yo Honey Singh. He was not independent until 2012 when his first song was released. This song was “Kar Gayi Chull”, which became a major hit, after which he was offered to sing in Bollywood. He earns by doing concerts, collaborating with other singers, participating in shows as a judge and other sources. One of his songs, “Genda Phool”, has garnered more than 800 million views. The song is on the list of “most watched” on YouTube. 

Badshah has many endorsements, which include Yamaha, Hitachi, Tuborg etc. Due to his popularity, he has become a brand ambassador for many branded products and services. 

Net worth and Assets 

Badshah’s net worth in rupees is 33.6 crores. At the same time, in other currencies, Badshah’s net worth in 2022 will be 4.5 million. For each song, he earns more than 12 lakhs; combining other sources, Badshah’s salary or monthly income will be above 40 lakhs. The yearly income of the singer is expected to be more than 5 crores. He has many sources to earn from, including judging, songs, concerts, endorsements, etc. Net worth of Badshah from 2018 to 2022 has increased by leaps and bounds, which owes to his popularity and hard work.

Badshah assets in 2022 would include houses and cars. The rapper owns one of the most lavish homes in the vicinity of Delhi. This asset costs more than 5 crores in Indian rupees. His investments are done in many real estate properties.  

The ranking of the singer in Bollywood is 58, which makes him one of the richest. This singer owns many cars to his name. It includes Rolls Royce Wraith, Jeep Wrangler, Porsche 718 Cayenne, Mercedes Benz and others. Each of the cars is very expensive and costs more than crores.   Assets other than this are not fully disclosed in public. 

How Much Badshah Make In 2022: Biography, Net Worth And Royal Lifestyle

Awards and recognition 

In his 16 years of career, he has won many awards. This includes Film fare for best singer, PTC Punjabi Film award for best Punjabi music, music award and Brit Asia TV Music award. Even though he has won many awards, his recognition and popularity cannot be denied. 

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Frequently asked question 

Who is Badshah?

Badshah is one of the well-known Indian-originated singers, rappers, and music composers. He produces songs for the Bollywood Punjabi industry independently.

What is Badshah’s net worth in 2022?

 In 2022, net worth of Badshah is estimated at $4.5 million in US dollars. His assets include a house, cars and some investments in real estate.

How much is Badshah’s net worth?

In Indian rupees, the net worth of Badshah will be calculated as 33.6 crores. Badshah’s salary, or monthly income, is more than 50 lakhs as he gets more than 10 lakhs for a song. 

What assets does Badshah own? 

Badshah owns a luxurious house, many expensive cars and varied investments in real estate property.

Who are the family members of Badshah? 

Not much is known about his parents and other family members. But the Badshah family would include his wife (Jasmine) and four-year-old daughter. 

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