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Shubman Gill Says This About SRK And His IPL Team To Ed Sheeran

Shubman Gill Says This About SRK And His IPL Team To Ed Sheeran
Source: Shubman Gill/IG

‘Perfect’ singer Ed Sheeran, who performed in India on March 16 for his +-=/x Tour (Mathematics), shared a wholesome video on his YouTube channel. The famous comedian and YouTube star Tanmay Bhat joined the ‘Shape of You’ singer. Along with him, we saw Gujarat Titans captain Shubman Gill.

The three of them are seen enjoying a day out in the bustling city of Mumbai. Not only this, but Ed Sheeran also played cricket with the 24-year-old cricketer. While sharing a meal with him, where they were joined by Tanmay Bhat as well, Sheeran started to talk about the ‘King of Bollywood.’ The 33-year-old singer shares his excitement about meeting Shah Rukh Khan later that day in the video.

Ed Sheeran says, “I am going to see Shah Rukh Khan tonight for dinner.” 

Shubman replied to this, saying, “I used to play for his team.”

It shocked the English singer, who had no idea that SRK had a team. Then, Tanmay Bhat explained KKR and Gill’s relationship with the franchise to him. Gill, who was a part of KKR from 2018 to 2022, smiled and urged Sheeran to ask SRK a question that even the fans wanted an answer to.

He said, “Ask him why did they not retain me.” The three of them laughed at this cheeky reply by the cricketer.

Ed also states in the video about his previous interaction with Shah Rukh Khan and how he has watched many of his movies. He said, “When I am travelling a lot, there’s always a Bollywood section on flights. So yeah, I’ve seen quite a few.”

A few weeks ago, Ed Sheeran posted a video with Shah Rukh Khan on his Instagram. In the video, they are both seen recreating SRK’s signature pose with their arms wide open. Sheeran captioned the post, “This is the Shape of Us. Spreading love together….”

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