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So, You’ve Been Flagged As A Casino Bonus Abuser…What Next?

So, You've Been Flagged As A Casino Bonus Abuser...What Next?
Photo by Kendall Hoopes

The exploitation of casino bonuses is a longstanding issue, tracing back to the early days of the online gambling industry. Indeed, platforms have struggled with this persistent problem since the 1990s, lacking proper regulations to ensure the protection of digital casinos and leading to significant losses.

Since then, online casino operators have implemented stringent wagering and playthrough requirements to deter bonus abuse. The recently published UK Gambling White Paper has introduced new proposals aimed at addressing fraudulent activities, with a particular focus on curbing deceptive practices associated with “bonus” and “free spins” offers. Violating these rules could lead to a ban, not only from one casino but also from its affiliated establishments.

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of using all those hundreds of no deposit bonuses, casino specialists at BonusMonitor gave their two cents on this: 

‘While it’s great to reap the benefits of fantastic bonuses, players must still be careful, because being greedy and trying to gain more casino deals than one’s entitled to can have its fair share of repercussions, and it all starts with being flagged up as a bonus abuser.’

Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of this on-going issue and what happens when you are labeled as a bonus abuser. 

What is Online Casino Bonus Abuse? 

Online casino bonus abuse occurs when players manipulate promotional incentives and bonuses offered by gambling platforms for personal gain, employing deceptive strategies that breach the platforms’ established terms and conditions. One of the most common methods is the unethical practice known as multi-accounting, where individuals create numerous accounts to repeatedly claim the same bonus, surpassing the casino’s intended limits.

Another approach, labeled as “bonus whoring” or “bonus hunting,” involves players actively seeking casinos with appealing bonuses solely for exploitation, lacking any genuine commitment to long-term engagement. Moreover, some individuals resort to using fraudulent identities, incorporating fake or stolen personal information during the registration process to discreetly establish multiple accounts. These actions not only compromise the integrity of the online gambling experience but also put pressure on casinos to implement rigorous measures for detecting and preventing such abuses, ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment for all players involved.

What Occurs When You Are Flagged as a Casino Abuser?

Earning the title of a bonus abuser is not something any player should strive towards. Not only will it result in the casino seizing any winnings acquired through bonus abuse and automatically canceling any remaining bonuses in your account, but it can also significantly harm your reputation within the online casino community, resulting in an immediate ban from the platform.

Moreover, if news spreads about your bonus abuse practices, multiple casinos may collectively decide to prohibit your access to their websites. These potential repercussions underscore the importance of being vigilant and informed about the actions to avoid, ensuring you steer clear of the bonus abuser label. However, if you ever find yourself labeled as a bonus abuser, there is still a chance that this can be reverted by presenting your case to the casino, especially if your actions were unintentional.

Catching Bonus Abusers

Online casinos employ a variety of strategies to detect and address bonus abusers. One prevalent method involves utilizing sophisticated tracking systems that closely monitor player behavior, concentrating on patterns indicative of bonus abuse. Algorithms are deployed to analyze factors such as betting frequency, game preferences, and withdrawal patterns, aiding in the identification of irregular activities.

Moreover, casinos make use of advanced software tools designed to flag accounts displaying suspicious behavior. These tools can identify anomalies in gameplay, such as quickly meeting wagering requirements or using strategies intended to unfairly exploit bonuses. Collaborative efforts among multiple casinos are also common, as they share information about known bonus abusers to prevent them from exploiting promotions across various platforms.

Regular audits and reviews of player accounts facilitate the identification of discrepancies and ensure compliance with the stipulated guidelines. In cases where bonus abuse is suspected, casinos may conduct thorough investigations before taking action, which can range from voiding winnings and revoking bonuses to imposing temporary or permanent bans on the implicated accounts.

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