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Taliban will Ban Women From Working on TV If They Don’t Cover Their Faces.

Taliban will Ban Women From Working on TV If They Don't Cover Their Faces.
Image credit : AFP images

The Taliban will not allow female journalists to work in Kabul if they do not follow a “modest dress code” that includes facial coverings According to an independent media organization that functions in Afghanistan, 

Afghanistan’s Journalists Center said in a statement on Wednesday that Abdul Ghaffar Farooq, the Taliban’s spokesperson for the Ministry of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, recommended that media representatives “adhere to a modest dress code, showing images of women in black attire and veils with their faces mostly covered, leaving only their eyes visible.”

The spokeswoman stated that Afghan women “who do not adhere to the hijab or fully cover their faces” would not be interviewed by Kabul’s news outlets.

AFJC has expressed concern over the state of the media in the country and the potential repercussions of banning women from working in the media, who already face significant restrictions in their work,

the organisation stated, cautioning that this action may result in an additional prohibition on women working in Afghanistan’s governmental sectors.

The independent organisation monitoring press freedom in the Taliban-ruled country said it is “deeply concerned about the state of the media in the country and cautions against the potential issuance of an order that would prohibit women from working in the media”.

It made clear how difficult the nation’s media professionals are finding it to cope with their already demanding work environments.

The AFJC declared that Taliban authorities are supposed to withdraw their media guidelines and give journalists the freedom to practice their rights.

As they continue to carry out their duties under the Taliban’s various directions, journalists in the nation of Afghanistan have been restricted in their ability to cover the country.

Those dramas…or programmes in which women have acted, should not be aired,

the guidelines stated that female journalists on television should wear “Islamic hijab,” although they did not specify what that meant.

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