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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Issues Legal Notice To Mallikarjun Kharge And Jairam Ramesh

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Issues Legal Notice To Mallikarjun Kharge And Jairam Ramesh.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari sent a legal notice to Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge and General Secretary Jairam Ramesh for spreading rumors about him. The Congress leaders are blamed for releasing a 19-second video clip of an interview with Gadkari that was taken by India Today’s Group, Lallantop, but Congress leaders used it to harm Gadkari’s image. 

Villages, poor, labourers and farmers are unhappy…The villages do not have good roads, there is no water to drink, there are no good hospitals, there are no good schools,”

In the 19-second clip shared by Congress leaders, Nitin Gadkari can be seen discussing the poor farmers and villagers. The union minister said that villagers, the poor, labourers and farmers are unhappy.

But the segment of the video that Congress released that had Gadkari discussing the problem of rural-urban migration was removed. It also removed the part in which he discusses the steps the NDA administration is taking to improve the lives of farmers, labourers, and the poor.

According to India Today, the notice accuses the Congress leaders of hiding the overall meaning and context of Gadkari’s interview with the “intent to create to confusion, sensation, and disrepute” for the Union Minister and to “build fissure and rift” within the party.

The lawyer in the notice claims the Congress leaders

inspite of knowing the full content of my client’s interview… deliberately posted the Hindi captions and video by concealing the contextual meaning of the interaction, which is deliberate and malicious to malign the reputation of my client.

In addition, the legal notice requests that the posts be taken down from the platform within a day and that Gadkari receive a formal apology within three days. Gadkari would take all appropriate legal measures, including civil and criminal, against the Congress leaders if they did not cooperate.

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