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The Great Season 3 Release Date, The Cast Confirmed Its Return Soon

The Great Season 3 Release Date, The Cast Confirmed Its Return Soon

The Great’ followed the life of Catherine the Great, who is the longest-ruling female emperor in Russian history. The anti-historical series, which is telling an entirely fictional and untrue story, has managed to apprehend the hearts of millions of drama and romance fans. Though the story is not real but very well written and executed, it gave the audience a rollercoaster ride of laughter and grief and left the viewers gripping on the edge with several cliffhangers. 

The Great Season 3 Release Date

Official Status: Under production (Last Updated: January 10th, 2023)

As of January 2023, no official release date for The Great Season 3 has been announced. But the good news is that the show is under production. Hulu has already announced the renewal of the show in January 2022. Now, one of the lead actors has revealed that the show is currently under production.

The first season of The Great made its debut on May 15th, 2020, followed by the second season on November 19th, 2021. Keeping in mind that the show is currently under post-production, we can expect its release in the second half of the year 2023. The Great season 3 is said to have ten episodes. 

The Great Season 3 Cast

All the lead cast of the show is returning to reprise their roles in The Great Season 3. Elle Fanning is returning to continue her role as Queen Catherine, as well as Nicholas Hoult in the role of her supine husband, Peter. Along with this spectacular couple, the advisors and close confidants of the emperor are also making it since most of them are alive, un-exiled, and imprisoned. 

These are the potential cast of The Great Season 3 reprising their roles:

Elle Fanning (Catherine the Great)
Nicholas Hoult (Peter II of Russia)
Sacha Dhawan (Count Orlo)
Adam Godley (Archie)
Charity Wakefield (Georgina)
Bayo Gbadamosi (Arkady)
Phoebe Fox (Marial)
Belinda Bromilow (Aunt Elizabeth)
Gwilym Lee (Grigor)
Douglas Hodge (General Velementov)
Florence Keith-Roach (Tatyana)

We are also expecting to see Voltiare played by Dustin Demri-Burns, as Catherine will need his opinion in her effort to establish a new way of order. Jason Isaacs might also return as the ghost of Peter the Great, Peter’s father. However, nothing is confirmed officially, it’s just our speculation.

The Great Season 3 Plot

The plot of The Great Season 3 is not revealed yet. But we can speculate some things that might happen in Season 3. At the end of season 2, we witnessed plenty of murders, grief, and complicated relationships being ripened out. Catherine killed the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and tried to kill her dethroned husband, Peter. She tried to stab him in the chest but ended up killing his duplicate. On the other hand, Peter is in a very pressing position in the battle for the throne. The imprisoned king is misguided by the ex-king of Sweden that he must kill Catherine to claim the throne back and leave peacefully. 

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The Great Season 3 Trailer

Don’t be sad on hearing that currently there is no trailer for The Great Season 3 has been released yet. Although the filming has just wrapped up and the post-production of the show is underway, we can expect a teaser release soon.


Has The Great season 3 started filming?

The lead actor of The Great, Elle Fanning confirmed via an Instagram post that the show has wrapped filming for season 3. She shared some behind-the-scenes photos of the show along with the news.

How can I watch The Great season 3?

The Great Season 3 will be available to stream on Hulu, once released. The official release date has not been announced yet.

Is The Great Season 3 Confirmed?

The Great Season 3 was renewed in January 2022. The show has wrapped filming for season 3 and is currently under post-production.

Is Peter in Season 3 of The Great?

The entire lead cast is returning to reprise their respective roles in The Great Season 3. Peter, the irresponsible husband of Catherine, played by Nicholas Hoult is also returning for Season 3 of The Great.